Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII

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(City Interactive, Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Release Date: 12 March 2012

A history lesson with a difference; now you can experience some of the most intense aerial battles of World War II with City Interactive's upcoming aerial combat offering!

Playing from 4 different perspectives of the Allied nations; America, Britain, Russia and Austria; Combat Wings has players participating in a variety of authentic-feeling missions in this historical setting.

From dogfights to guarding missions, players will also get to choose from almost 50 different planes from both factions based on their authentic designs. The game also promises to be both easy for everyone to get into, yet challenging to master with an expert blending of arcade-styled game play balanced with the most advanced of physics programming.

Coupled with faithfully recreated World War II environments, players can also further immerse themselves in the combat with the bevy of multiplayer options such as Deathmatch and Fleet Escort missions!

Does this sound like your kind of battle? Then buckle up, Ace - it’s going to be a wild ride!