Masked Rider Decade Rewards Items Now on anibee!

Masked Rider fans would want to keep a look out, as the all-new 'Final Form Ride' (FFR) figures from Masked Rider Decade will soon be available for redemption at our Reward Items!!

The universe is in peril, with the prophecy of destruction to the 9 worlds of the previous Masked Riders! The one entity to bring about the destruction to the universe - is Masked Rider Decade?! Follow the adventures of Tsukasa Kadoya, as he tries to save the worlds of the Masked Riders, as well as battling his own fate, as Masked Rider Decade!

Helping Tsukasa in his adventures as Masked Rider Decade is his unique ability to evoke the 'Final Form Ride' skill! Working together with the previous 9 Heisei (Modern) Masked Riders, Decade is able to transform each individual Rider into a weapon or item to unleash a special 'Final Attack Ride' finishing move to defeat his enemies!

Each FFR Figure is packed with detail, fully articulated, and is able to transform from Rider form to 'Final Form Ride' form! Every figure also comes packed with a special FFR card that can be used on the Decadriver belt to unlock new sound effects!!

FFR #00 Masked Rider Decade

Packed with great detail, Masked Rider Decade also comes loaded with plenty of points of articulation, as well as his weapon, the Ride Booker, in 3 different forms (Sword, Gun and Book), and is compatible with all the other FFR figures! Also includes his 'Final Attack Ride' card that can be used in the Decadriver belt to unleash his finishing move - the Dimension Kick!

FFR #01 Kuuga Gouram

Use the included 'Final Form Ride' card to transform Kuuga into the Kuuga Gouram - a beetle-like vehicle that assists Decade with its flight capabilities! Decade can ride on the Kuuga Gouram, and together they can unleash the Decade Assault finishing move!

FER #02 Ryuki Dragreder

Masked Rider Ryuki transforms into the Ryuki Dragreder, a fearsome dragon that helps Decade in battle with its powerful attacks! Decade is able to equip the Ryuki Dragreder's various pieces for enhanced attacks, or with the entire dragon to execute the Decade Dragoon kick!

FFR #03 Blade Blade

Brandishing his Blay Rouser weapon, Masked Rider Blade can also unleash his strongest trump card yet by turning into the massive Blade Blade! Decade can wield this mighty Rider-turned-sword, finishing them off with the Decade Edge finishing attack!

FFR #04 Faiz Blaster

The mobile phone-using Rider comes equipped with his signature weapons, the Faiz Edge and the Faiz Phone. Upon using the included 'Final Form Ride' card, Faiz can transform into the powerful Faiz Blaster for Decade to use, blowing them away with the Decade Photon attack!

FFR #05 Kiva Arrow

With his fearsome visage, Masked Rider Kiva is a force to be reckoned with! Opening his Hell's Gate greave on his right foot unleashes Kiva's signature attack! When things get tough however, Decade can 'Final Form Ride' and turn this vampire bat-based Rider into the Kiva Arrow to use the Decade Fang to turn the tide!

FFR #06 Masked Rider Diend

A mysterious wandering thief, Masked Rider Diend comes wielding his transformation device and primary weapon, the Diendriver gun. Who is this is thief and what are his motives? Diend, like Decade, can also wield the power of the other FFR Masked Rider figures!

FFR #07 Agito Tornador

The pinnacle of human evolution, Masked Rider Agito is a valuable ally! With the included 'Final Form Ride' card, Agito transforms into the Agito Tornador; a swift jet-cycle that Decade can ride on to counter-attack with the Decade Tornado technique!

FFR #08 Den-O Momotaros

The zany, time traveling Rider is back to help Decade in his quest! Den-O comes with his signature Dengasher and Den-Kamen Sword weapons, and can also revert back to the lovable Imagin, Momotaros! Decade can also equip the Den-Kamen face parts for a massive power up!

FFR #09 Hibiki Ongekiko

The musical Rider returns to lend Decade a hand, wielding his trademark Ongekibou drum sticks! When the situation calls for a stronger beat however, Hibiki can 'Final Form Ride' into two different forms; the bird-like Hibiki Akanetaka, or the drum pad-like Hibiki Ongekiko to perform the Decade Wave finisher!

FFR #10 Zecter Kabuto

Able to move at blazing speeds with his Clock Up ability, Kabuto is truly one who "Walks the path of Heaven"! When the situation gets critical, Decade can 'Final Form Ride', turning Kabuto into the Zecter Kabuto, smashing his foes with the Decade Meteor!

FFR #11 Masked Rider Decade Complete Form

By using the mysterious device known as the 'K-Touch', Decade releases his true power and turns into Complete Form! With his power increased, Decade Complete Form is able to use all the FFR Riders to even greater devastating effect!