Q Reviews: BM! Project Kamen Rider Wizard (Flame Style)!

The 3rd quarter of the year 2012 ushered in another new Kamen Rider series in the form of Kamen Rider Wizard.

Telling the tale of Soma Haruto; a man who was subjected to a mysterious ritual that should've slain him and have him turned into a Phantom, but ends up surviving; he inherits amazing powers from an enigmatic figure and lives on.

Determined to find out more about the ritual he was subjected to and to protect innocent people from Phantom attacks, Haruto decides to use his new powers to fight as the eponymous Kamen Rider Wizard.

As is the case for every Rider series these days, Medicom had just released their high-end figure of Wizard, fresh off the series'wrapping up and having made way for its successor.

How does the recent out-going hero fare? Let's find out!


Wizard comes in fairly standard packaging for the line; it's basic, minimalist, but also effective in design.

The only real variations here are the gem designs (taking a cue from the show and his own design), and the photography at the back with his catch-phrase on it.

Simple, yet snazzy, like any good packaging should be.


Wizard comes with a ton of stuff, namely:

2 x open palm hands, 2 x spell casting hands, 1 x Driver-flipping hand (left), 2 x weapon-holding hands, 2 x gesturing hands, 2 x WizarSwordGuns (both modes), and a Magic Portal that only comes with this first run of the figure.

He also comes with 8 Wizard Rings; Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land, Driver On, Big, Copy and Kick Strike.

All his accessories are excellent choices, being relevant for many poses and situations that Wizard was seen in and even being functional.

The only real odd absentee however is that of the Connect Ring. Haruto often used it to pull stuff out from the portal, and with the portal itself being an included accessory, its absence is even more puzzling. This is just a minor nitpick though.

Sculpting & Outfit

From the day I first set my eyes on Kamen Rider Wizard I knew one thing for certain; regardless of whether or not I ended up liking the show itself, he has one heck of a cool design that I was eager to see in high-end figure form, and I certainly wasn't disappointed!

From head to toe, BM! Project Kamen Rider Wizard is a thing of beauty. From his striking "gem-like" helmet design to his long flowing coat, Wizard's costume is very faithfully recreated here, looking like he literally leapt out from your screen.

As impressive as the details are however (and they are), what really blew me away were the more subtle elements of the figure.

His proportions are spot-on, giving us a figure that actually looks like an actor wearing a costume, with the right amount of bulk in the limbs and torso. This has been an issue that's plagued many similar figures, often looking either too skinny or too chunky, and it's really refreshing when it's done right.

All in all, Wizard's a fantastic looking figure, and is one that just about anyone would notice!


Articulation is an interesting subject in the case of Wizard here.

Being a less-armoured character compared to some of his recent fellow-Riders, Wizard has very little obstructions in many spots.

His arms and legs move fairly freely, being just covered in fabric with no armour bits to block them.

His coat is also wired; allowing you to create all sorts of dramatic and subtle poses to perfectly portray all of Wizard's various flailing/twirling hijinxs that he's so known for.

His neck and chest however, are where the majority of his actual armour pieces are and expectedly, where most of the restrictions lie. Wizard's high collar make tilting his head a bit tricky, and his chest plate, while gorgeous, pretty much make him unable to do much forward bending.

Otherwise, Wizard's poseability is made more than satisfactory thanks to his great accessory count and his coat.

Wizard has dozens of different options to play with, from the wires in his coat to the adjustable WizarDriver belt and his weapons' various modes, making him one of the most play-value packed Rider figures Medicom's done to date!

Overall Thoughts

It's always a great day to get a new "main" Rider to add to the collection, and it's made even better when he's as cool-looking and well made as this.

I honestly can't find any real flaws to the figure outside of his high price tag, and even then one can find decent deals for him online with some good searching.


If you're a huge Kamen Rider Wizard fan or are looking to finish off your Heisei Kamen Rider collection, you can't possibly go without this figure!

- Q