Q Reviews: RAH Kamen Rider Chalice!

If there's one thing consistent about why people watch tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai/Power Rangers etc, it's that we keep coming back for common themes we enjoy; explosions, flashy power ups, awesome suits and what have you.

But one theme that some might not admit to as readily, but has long been a staple of these franchises is that of tragedy, or more specifically, the tragic hero.

No series has had a better example of such a character than that of Kamen Rider Blade, with its big-bad-monster-turned-accidental-human-being, Hajime Aikawa aka Kamen Rider Chalice! Being destined to fight till the bitter end as the strongest of the Undead, Kamen Rider Chalice constantly struggled with his cursed powers that drove him berserk, and his love for his adoptive family.

At long last, Medicom has decided to pay tribute to the cool bow-wielding unlikely hero with this Real Action Heroes release. Let's dive right in!


Being a RAH release, Chalice gets adorned with the classic 'water-colour' art on the front of his box, which always looks timeless & classy.

Aside from that one picture on the front, sides, and several shots at the back, this is pretty basic stuff. It looks presentable and protects the figure - and I personally don't require much else.


Chalice comes with the following accessories: 2 x fists, 2 x bow holding hands, 2 x open palms, 1 x gesturing hand and 1 x bow-drawing hand.

He also comes with all 12 Rouse Cards, and of course the Chalice Arrow bow.

Chalice pretty much has everything he needs and doesn't feel like he's missing any key component. No problems here for sure.

Sculpting & Outfit

From the get-go, it's apparent just how striking Chalice looks, despite him having a potentially 'girly' heart-motif.

In fact, he looks like a total badass; with his helmet looking like it's sporting a permanent scowl, his sharp horns, and the beautiful colour scheme of his suit.

What's also nice is how clear plastic is used appropriately, such as on his Chalice Rouser belt and Chalice Arrow, further accentuating his already awesome colours

As an added pleasant surprise, all of Chalice's accessories are very 'kinetic' in nature and function just like their DX-toy counterparts: the belt pouch can hold a single card, and the Chalice Rouser itself can detach and be equipped onto the Chalice Arrow!


Chalice's articulation is above average in the line, with just the right about of 'give' to his suit to let him do a good array of poses.

Whether slashing with his blades, aiming a shot with the Chalice Arrow, or simply just standing there, Chalice exudes an awesome presence from just about any pose he's in.

Overall Thoughts

With a great design, a good number of accessories and even above-average poseability, Chalice is easily one of the coolest looking of the Blade Riders, and one of the stronger releases in the RAH line in general.

The only real catch is that being a Medicom Premium Club exclusive, he comes at a higher price range than most other already-costly RAH figures. Not being a 'main character' might also make him a less essential purchase for some.


But if you're a big fan of Chalice, or just like badass looking Riders in general, you can't go wrong with this figure!

- Q