Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (Review by QB-sensei)


Naruto has long been considered as one of the Big Three manga series of Shonen Jump, alongside Bleach and One Piece, due to its longevity and popularity stemming from the story's balance between comedy and action and also its character development. Another testament to its popularity is its mainstream fan base - ask anyone about anime and manga and Naruto will definitely be one of the responses. Such is Naruto's popularity that it spawned an anime series and even games, one of which is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst.


Developed by Bandai Namco Games, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst is a re-release of Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 which includes costumes previously available as downloadable content, a new playable character (Kabuto in Sage mode), an additional chapter, a new Challenge Mode and revamped graphics. You may either relive the Naruto Shippuden story (starting with the flashback of the Nine Tails Invasion in the prologue before moving on to the Five Kage Summit arc and the events around the Fourth Great Ninja War arc) in the Story Mode, play as your favourite character in the Free Battle mode or take your skills online in the Online Battle mode.




On my first play-through, I was greeted with tons of tips on the game mechanics, which can be quite helpful when you are playing the game for the first time. Moving on with Story Mode, the game blends well with the story-telling plot, especially during the Nine Tails Invasion story in the prologue, where quick-time events are used for key spots in the battle. Another point to note is the Free Roaming mode, where you can collect Ryo by mini-missions or by finding them scattered around the village. You can only save during Free Roaming as there is no auto-save function in between battles.


Speaking of battles, there is freedom of movement during one-on-one battles as compared to contemporary fighting games (where the characters are constantly in fighting stances and you can only move them one space at a time) and various characters offer various fighting skills and strategies, from which you can take your skills in Challenge Mode (in Free Battle) or online.

Graphics & Sound:

I cannot judge the graphical differences between Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and Full Burst as I did not play the former, but for a game based on an anime/manga series, the graphics are impressively fluid. Sure, it is not as flashy as contemporary 3D games in the market, but with its cel-shaded art, the game captures as much anime-style atmosphere in 3 dimensions. Sound-wise, here comes the good news: you can switch voiceovers between English and Japanese, so if you are not happy with one, you may switch to the other. On top of the voiceovers, the BGMs did well to capture the feel of the atmosphere of the game.


If you are an ardent fan of Naruto and its characters, this game is definitely for you. If you follow Naruto but are lost in the Shippuden arcs, rest assured that the storyline will pick up from the Five Kage Summit arc for you to follow on from. The fluid fighting mechanics are also a breath of fresh air from other contemporary fighting games, so it's also something for fighting game fans regardless of whether they follow Naruto or otherwise.

Special thanks to Bandai Namco for the game!

- QB-sensei