Introducing New J-Addict: Nicholas

Hi, I'm Wong Koon Kim, you can call me Nicholas, I'm currently 20 years old, a student of Singapore Poly in the Diploma Course of Mechatronics and Robotics.

I like Japanese Culture, such as the Traditional Chado. I like the Summer Festivals as they are fun and crowded with everyone sharing the joy... like during Cosfest, and I love to take photos for cosplayers. Although the chance of me cosplaying is kinda low, I enjoy taking photos of them very much!

I'm a Gunpla Lover, although I have only 4 Gunpla Models at home, and I have a passion for Japanese Sword Art, Kenjutsu! I love to play the Piano, fold Origami, practice Kenjutsu moves and read manga in my free time as my hobby.

- Nicholas

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