J-Addicts Wanted!

Ever felt like telling anyone why Naruto can kick anyone's butt?

Perhaps you feel no one knows the true beauty of Kon, and why he should be the main character of Bleach?

Or maybe you want to show there's no shame in being a male collector of Hello Kitty toys.

Whether if it's about anime, cosplay, video games, toys or other J-pop culture related things, if you have a passion to write about them, then we want YOU!

anibee is looking for aspiring writers who would love to have their original material be read by a large audience! Articles submitted to us will be featured on our website and Facebook page with full credit given to the writer.

Additionally, you will also be eligible to receive products such as games, merchandise and other goodies for reviewing purposes!

anibee is here to serve as YOUR writing platform - providing you and your works with valuable exposure and experience to your portfolio!

Got that writing itch? Then drop us a line at anibee@immg.com.sg!

- Q

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