Q Reviews - Pure Gummi (Cola-Lemon & Lime-Soda)!

With our intense, otaku-location-oriented romp around Ikebukuro having kept us busy, it's easy to feel tired & worn out amidst all the action. In such situations, proper sustenance is extremely important. Being the long-time snack food junkie, it's pretty much a routine activity for me to always gouge in some quality Japanese goodies when I'm there - and this time being no exception.


If you're a snack-addict like myself, then I'm sure you're no stranger to Kanro's Pure (rhymes with Blu-ray) Gummis - heart-shaped little squishy things that come in all kinds of fruity flavours, enhanced with a sour powder coating.

While Pure Gummi is relatively easy to find in most Asian countries these days, I'll be taking a look at 2 of its newer flavours that are (as of the time of this article), still exclusive to Japan!

Cola & Lemon

I like lemon, and I love cola, so it's only natural that I'd find this flavour to be a match made in heaven!

Not only does each piece look really nifty with an actual yellow-to-brown gradient, but the separate lemon and cola flavours are both distinct, yet harmonious with each other. With the sour powder adding the perfect finishing touch, this became very addicting to me very quickly!

Lime & Soda

Similar to its Cola & Lemon cousin, the Lime & Soda flavoured Pure Gummi unites another pair of actual-food combinations. Predictably, this works really well too, although the flavour is milder in comparison to Cola & Lemon.

This isn't a bad thing by any means though, as it helps make the sour powder stand out more, thus resulting in a very pleasant gummi that you can nibble on over and over again.

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