Mirai's make up tips: Gyaru Eyemake for Beginners~

Hi everyone~ This is Mirai and today I'll be doing a tutorial on how to do a basic gyaru eye makeup!

Although I've mentioned that it's a beginner gyaru eye makeup, you can also use it for cosplaying certain characters; since it's quite exaggerated compared to normal/natural eyemake, which fits cosplay quite nicely!

Before: Apart from having my brows done, I don't have any makeup on my eye here. Although I have natural double eyelids; I'm going to make it slightly more prominent using double eyelid fibre.

Steps 1-3 are for those who do not have natural double eyelids. So, if you think your eyelids are prominent enough, you can skip those steps! :3

Before starting, ensure that your eyelids are clean; this is to allow the double eyelid fibre to adhere properly to the eyelids.

1. Indent the area you want your crease to be.

2. Pull the eyelid fibre apart; and stick it to the crease you've previously indented.

3. Use eyelash glue to secure the ends of the double eyelid fibre to prevent it from coming off.

(You can indent it again if you want to ensure it sticks properly.)

Done! Now I have a slightly more prominent double eyelid.

(*As I have natural double eyelids, it may not be as obvious - but the results would be really different as opposed to someone with single eyelids.)

You may also consider using other tools to get double eyelids - other than double eyelid fibres, there are also double eyelid glue and tape. However, I prefer double eyelid fibres as they are less obvious.


In the next few steps, I'm going to use an eyeshadow palette.

This is Bridgette's OR-1 palette. However, any other eyeshadow palette with 4 complementing shades would do as well. If you are unsure what color suits - try to choose an orange/brown or pink/brown palette.

4. Use the lightest shade (a) to highlight your brow bone and the area under your eyes.

5. Use base color (b) and gently sweep it on your eyelids.

6. Use the slightly darker color (c) and apply it on your eyelid (on the area below the crease).

7. Tight line your eyes with a black pencil/crayon liner.

8. Using a liquid eyeliner, draw a line above your lash line and extend the line slightly.

(It should not be too thick and cover your whole eyelid. If you want, you can draw the line slightly in the middle for a doe-eyed look!)

9. Use the darkest shade from the palette (d), and apply it to the bottom outer 1/3 of your eye.

10. Apply mascara and use a curler for your lashes.

11. Apply false top eyelashes; stick it close to your natural eyelashes, on the eyelids (not on your natural lashes!)

(The eyelashes could be longer than your natural eye, but you need not necessarily need trim them - I like to leave them as it is to make my eyes look bigger. )

If you are having problems applying the top lashes, you can start with pasting them in the inner corner first. You may also opt to use half lashes (Dollywink No.4) to practice pasting first!

12. Apply bottom lashes. Unlike the top lashes, leave some space in between your natural bottom lashline and the false bottom lashes. (Indicated with the pink arrows.)


we're done! :D

Here's a comparison of before-and-after the eyemake:

It might look a little exaggerated close up, but trust me - your eyes will appear a lot bigger and brighter in photos!

Tadah!~ :D

Have fun experimenting~ Feel free to leave me questions (if you have any), and I'll be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.

- Mirai