Serene Reviews: Kohii Gourmet Coffee Café!

Just last Wednesday, I performed at Kohii Gourmet Coffee Cafe with my friend, Maximillian! :D This is a Japanese cafe and bar with really awesome food and beer. Kids below 16 shouldn't be drinking, but other than coming down for the beer and music, you can come down for the really scrumptious food too!

Kohii Gourmet Coffee Cafe, located at 1 Shenton Way #01-06 Singapore 068803, was first opened at the start of this year. Right in the heart of the Central Business District, Kohii Cafe definitely offers many choices of food and drinks to their customers, with a very comfortable environment to eat in as well!

Anyways, I first heard of this cafe and their performing opportunity only after a friend introduced it to me. Singer-songwriters could choose to perform on either Wednesday or Friday nights and these performances normally start at 7pm on both days. In return for their performances, performers are given $25 worth of food credit (per person)!!

Enticed by the food credit (free food!), I decided to ask Max to play guitar alongside of me. Last Wednesday was actually our second time performing there (we'll be performing there every Wednesday at 8pm). We play Japanese song covers and occasionally English Pop songs as well. :)

My lead guitarist, Ansel, and his girlfriend, Pei Yi, who came down to support us!

Last Wednesday's performance went smoothly, and after performing, we decided to order our favourite foods from the cafe once more (we order the same thing almost every week). I'm going to share with everyone what I feel is great at the cafe, and maybe everyone can go down to the cafe to try it for yourselves! :D

Here's the menu! :D Doesn't the food sound reaaaaaallly good?

Alright, apologies to those who are unable to consume alcohol legally yet, but let's talk about the beer! Everyday during the evening hours, their 2 types of Konig Ludwig (German) draft beer are sold at $5 each! :D It's either light of dark German beer. This promotion is only available for this German beer - other beers are charged at their normal prices.

My lead guitarist is trying to 'act cool'.

I prefer light beer to dark beer (even if my friends agree that the dark beer has more taste). I still prefer that lighter, not-so-heavy taste for a beer. Do you know that Kohii Cafe actually sells quite a few foreign beers here? ;D

Alright! Next up is their Cha Soba! I'll have you all know that I have this weakness towards cha soba. It's just insanely good. At least, to my taste buds they are. XD Now this cha soba is pretty much the authentic way of how cha soba should be made, where the shoyu is Japanese soy sauce mixed with vinegar. What a wonderful combination! ;___; It's a perfect balance between the salty and the sour. This cha soba is tossed with salad and the shoyu in advanced already, which I asked for another serving for. It's just that tasty. ;)

Here we have their all-so-tasty Curry Rice! We first tried the Beef Curry rice last time, and it was great! They were sold out last week though, so we tried the Chicken one this time - and it's not bad either. The curry tastes lovely with the meat!

This is Kohii's Seafood pizza that you see in the picture below:

Ansel and Pei Yi ordered it, and they looked like they enjoyed it a lot! It was served to them piping hot, and the seafood taste just explodes in your mouth once you bite into a slice of it. The cheese isn't overly strong, and settles nicely with the seafood taste.

Okay! We've finally reached my personal favourite at the cafe - the Beer Battered Oyster Mushroom! Even the name of the dish sounds so enticing. <3 The mushrooms are like sheer heaven for my taste buds. Max and I love the mushrooms so much we ordered two baskets of it. XD It really tastes wonderful!

With the crispy outer layer and the soft inside layer of the mushroom, just dip it in the wasabi mayonnaise to complete the whole taste and feel utterly happy. Oh man, I miss it already! D:

It's a good thing I get to have it quite frequently XD !

Anyways, with just around $20, you can get yourself a decent meal with a satisfactory drink! The food here is really great, as the boss prides himself on serving customers with well made dishes. Pop by this cafe when you're free and maybe after work on Wednesdays so that you can drop by to catch Max and myself performing! :D

Thumbs up for the awesome food here - Kohii Gourmet Coffee Cafe gets a stamp of approval from me!

- Serene