Serene's Beauty Shop Review: Beauty Carousel

Hello everyone! :D It's been a while, and I hope that everyone is enjoying their new year! :> I know I'm having a great time into 2013 with my birthday just over a week or so ago ^^!

If your 2013 hasn't been going nicely, I hope what I'll be showing you today will make it better! Today I'll be introducing this website named Beauty Carousel. Have you heard of them before? :)


They're basically a website that sells make-up, skincare products, apparels and a wide variety of exciting items! It's like a mini heaven for all the ladies out there! Instead of having to search desperately on other websites that are not focused and organized, check out Beauty Carousel! They make internet shopping so much easier <3 Here's their FB page, where you can follow their latest news and promotion!

Founded in 2009, Beauty Carousel is an emerging online site based in Singapore. It provides international shoppers convenient access to wide selections of popular and cult skincare, as well as beauty products from all over the world! They pride themselves in offering all their customers a one-stop convenience to fabulous beauty products at the most affordable prices, while in the comfort of your own homes.

Anyways, this marvellous website sells a huge variety of makeup by different brands. This includes K-Palette (remember the review we've done on it last year which you can read it over here and also our makeup tutorial video here), Anna Tumoru, Luv Carat, Gransenbon and more!

Luv Carat Trio Eye Shadow (Princess Pink)

Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Silk Moon

Not only that, they also offer an extensive range of skincare products, such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers exfoliators, masks... etc. There's really too many to mention and choose from, so do check out their website yourself! :D Rest assured that their products are 100% authentic!

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Limited Edition Mask (Rose)

Steamcream (Bow-Wow)

Beauty Carousel has became one of my favourite personal online beauty store as not only do they sell face masks from OTHER shops including the ones from The Face which means an extensive range of face masks for me to choose from, they also sell domo-kun t-shirts!

Several Domo-Kun T-shirt designs to choose from

They offer free worldwide delivery (HOORAY! Terms and condition applies though ;)), and if you join them as their VIP member, you can even get a 10% discount on your orders regardless of your order amount! :) All you need to do is to spend $300 in a single purchase to qualify as a VIP member. So it's probably time to start roping in some of your friends to order together and share the membership! XD For more enquiries, you can email them at!

Remember to check them out ASAP!