Serene Reviews - The Otaku Camera App!

Just recently, I've been told to try out this newly released camera app called the Otaku Camera. The android version was released earlier this week and I finally managed to download the app to give it a shot!

The name of the app is already interesting enough, but the features make everything even more interesting (and amusing)! I've never seen an app that actually "manga-tizes" pictures. As in, this application literally takes the pictures that you've taken and changes them such that it looks like they're drawn into a manga. A normal photo becomes a manga-style work of art with just a few clicks on your phone!

All you need to do is to choose a photo that you've already taken (or just take a new one), and choose a suitable frame for it! After which it's just cropping the photo to fit into the frame and saving the picture. =w=)b

The only thing I'm not exactly happy about is the order of how things should go on this camera app! :<

It's nice that we're supposed to take or choose our photos first, but the problem is since we have to fit the photos to the frame, it should be better to let us choose the frame BEFORE we choose or take pictures. That way, we can see the frame in advance and we know how to pose for it, or what pictures to choose for it.

When I first used the app, I didn't know the framing was kind of restricted. So I took a normal, centred photo like no other. Turns out a normal, centred photo isn't enough for me to work around the framing! I had to click some random photo to check the frames usable in the app, and then exited the app to take ANOTHER suitable photo for the frames. :/ It's actually pretty troublesome. :( This camera application is actually a really ingenious idea, but that's the only issue that I hope they work on.

Well, why don't you try the app for yourself? :D With over 30 effects available, it's still an entertaining app to try out despite its cumbersome interface :>!

It's available for both iPhones and Android!


- Serene