Ani-Eats: Serene Gobbles On - Poppin' Cooking (Sushi Set)!

Well, on the day of my AMG Jamfest performance, I was just checking out the flea market at the basement of SCAPE (It's called SCAPE street, if I'm not wrong!). It's a really cool place with many stalls selling either clothes or very interesting stuff! :D

One of the stated "interesting stuff" is...


I'm pretty sure we all know what that is thanks to a certain Youtube user called RRCherryPie!

So considering my curiosity, I'm not surprised that I immediately wanted to try one of these sets myself the moment I laid my eyes on them (the only problem was deciding WHICH Poppin' Cooking to buy)!


I chose the Sushi set since Q told me that it's easier and required no baking (yes, some of the other sets require a microwave oven! I'm just lazy).

So immediately, once I arrived at my boyfriend's place, I started to try it out. I realise that not being able to read instructions is a scary thing. D: It's like fumbling around in the dark with no help at all. ;__;

I didn't know you were supposed to have 6 piece of sushi. :( I honestly thought there was supposed to be three. D: Gah, I should have referred to the video online instead of trying it blindly.

I can't say I did a very good job at it (if you compare mine with RRCherryPie, mine's a failure QAQ), but hey! At least I tried. :( Gimme some credit here. Even thought I put the wrong colored powder for the wrong sushi and had to try and salvage the situation... WHICH I DID, thankfully (if not I'll be sobbing my eyes out somewhere).

It was a fun process though! Here's my, er, "finished" product.

I'll probably head down to SCAPE to buy another set soon. It's really fun! If you'd like to try it, remember that it can be purchased at SCAPE Street (Basement of SCAPE) at a price of $9.90! A bit pricey, but it's worth the fun - and the candy tastes pretty good too! XD

- Serene