Sanrio @ Takashimaya from 16 Nov to 25 Dec 2012

After a very exciting weekend at the biggest anime convention Anime Festival Asia at Expo (have you checked out our event coverage yet?), it is time for some relaxation! Just yesterday, I attended Sanrio Christmas Fair which is from 16 Nov to 25 Dec 2012 at Takashimaya Square B2 with anibee! In a short span of 2 and a half hours, we have:

1) watched the special Hello Kitty Karaoke TV live show 16 Nov to 25 Nov 2012

The characters are all so cute, alongside the awesome singing and dancing emcee! The show used many popular songs, such as Moves Like Jagger & Just The Way You Are. The children absolutely loved the show, and couldn't wait for their turn to take pictures with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel :D

2) posed with all possible special/exclusive merchandise

The Sanrio booth featured many exclusive items! Featuring Hello Kitty X Swarovski plushies (about SGD $200 each) and a bespectacled Hello Kitty you could only get online (but is available for direct purchase at the booth), the booth also showcased specially made Hello Kitty watches imported from Europe, Hello Kitty coin banks of various designs (I was very amused at God of Fortune X Hello Kitty coin bank), and my favourite: the Hello Kitty Red Ribbon Bag! :D It also has a pouch version.

The booth also had My Melody & Little Twin Stars merchandise on sale! ((:

3) a manicure worth $25

You could get a manicure at a discounted rate of $20 if you purchased at least $10 worth of items at Sanrio booth. You could choose between a variety of colours for 8 fingers, and manicurist Kojima-san will paint Hello Kitty on both your thumbnails :D Kojima-san works really efficiently, the whole manicure only took about 15 minutes! The thumbnail is the best place for Hello Kitty because the nail is wide enough. (FYI It's really hard to try to pose with the thumbnail visible XD)

<3 <3

And while we were at the manicure area, we managed to get a few questions with friendly manicurist Kojima-san!

anibee: What's the difficulty in creating nail art that's Sanrio or "kawaii" themed, as opposed to normal nail art?

[Kojima san] When I create Sanrio character nail art, I am very cautious not to harm their original image. I care a lot about design and colors. Compared to normal nail art, it is challenging to draw characters in nails in smaller size.

anibee: Have you gotten any special or out of the ordinary requests from your manicure customers?

[Kojima san] So far no particular extra ordinary requests. But sometimes I have difficulty when a customer asks me to draw a character nail art, and her nail is really small.

anibee: How popular is Hello Kitty nail art in Japan? Is there still a craze now?

[Kojima san] Hello Kitty nail art is popular in Japan. My schedule is quite occupied to perform nail events in various places in Japan.

anibee: How crazy are Japanese girls over nail art and to what extent? (for example, there are girls who fancy nail art so much that they do a change of the design every week/2wks?)

[Kojima san] Japanese girls loves nail art, and 'Soft Gel Nails' are especially popular in Japan these days. 'Soft Gel nail' is a type of nail art which uses gel nail instead of nail polish. It has long lasting effect, so they change design of their gel nail once in a month, and it costs approx.10,000 JPY. Some people even change the design once in every 2 weeks!

Until a few years ago, Japanese girls did nail art only for special occasions like wedding and parties. Now they enjoy nail art as a part of their daily fashion.

anibee: Could you share 3-4 tips about nail care? Are there any DIY beauty steps ladies can do at home for the nails?

[Kojima san] 1) Varnish cuticle oil frequently 2)Use nail files instead of nail clipper 3) Varnish base coat to protect nails even in case you do not have nail coloring

anibee: What are some of the bad habits ladies should avoid, to prevent chapped and weak nails?

[Kojima san] 1) Frequent color change, your nail might be damaged due to too much nail polish remover 2) Excessive cuticle cut

As a invited guest by anibee, I even received a goodie bag! So what's inside?

Received Hello Kitty rock star versions of the plushie, tote bag and mug! Did I mention that the rock star versions of Hello Kitty items are special items only sold at the booth? Comes with a small standing white board to scribble things on ^^ I absolutely adore goodies which I can use almost immediately XD The paper bag is also well designed and very durable ^^

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your share of Hello Kitty goodness now!

Check out more about Sanrio below:
Sanrio Gift Gate Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
Level 3 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
(S) 238872

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