Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy Pre-launch Blogger Event

Just last Thursday, I attended the Majolica Majorca pre-launch blogger event! :D I went down with the folks from anibee to check it out!

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy

It was held near the H&M building at Somerset MRT (H&M is having a sale, guys!!), and everything took place in a really comfortable room. It was spacious and well decorated too - the table where we were supposed to gather at was so welcoming!

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy bloggers Pre-launch

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy bloggers Pre-launch

The whole room suited the theme of their soon-to-be-launched products. Look at the place! Did I mention that there were carnival games there (hint about the theme for this chapter of products)? ;) The deco team really went all out this time!

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy games

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy

Anyways, for the actual launch that will happen on November 1st 2012, there will be 4 different products that will be released. The current chapter focused on bold alluring colours, red and black for the Winter theme. These products will be playful, fun and even sexy, and are under the Chapter 35 theme of Circus Ecstasy. Did you manage to guess the theme? xD

  1. Cream De Cheek (in 4 colours)
  2. Trick On Liner (in 2 colours, limited edition)
  3. Crack Nails (in 2 colours, limited edition)
  4. Majoromantica (limited edition)

*Limited edition products will NOT be produced again once the stock runs out! So catch 'em all when they're out! :D

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy

Also, for this Chapter's launch, Majolica Majorca will be collaborating with Kooshi as a celebration collection! The Cream De Cheeks are paired with different kinds of looks that Kooshi can provide dresses and accessories for.


You can check them out at:!
They even gave me a really cute camisole. :3 It's really comfortable as well!

I've received a sample of the Cream De Cheek and the Trick on liner from Majolica Majorca, and I've tried them out to tell you all how it's like! :)

1. Cream De Cheek
This is a blusher. But no ordinary blusher! It's a gel cream blush that gives you supple and glossy coloured cheeks in an instant! Just shake the bottle and add 3 dabs on your cheeks and blend. The colour that you end up with is lovely, and it's great to apply on your face too. It applies smoothly and has no clumping at all. XD That's because it blends nicely with the brush applicator and leaves a nice healthy glow. On the first look you may pass it off as just another nail polish but on a closer examination, you can tell the difference easily with the hue of the bottle. Normal nail polish usually uses clear glass bottle so the shade of the nail polish is easily seen for obvious reasons but Majolica Majorca's Cream De Cheek uses a mysterious frosty glass bottle that stands out perfectly.

Don't worry about the sticky feeling left behind by the gel cream, because there's nothing like that at all! No stickiness, and the colour lasts long too~ Let's mention the fact that the gel cream blush has a treatment effect to keep our dry-prone cheeks moisturized at all times! ;D

FOR USE: Either apply as base, then apply blusher over it to enhance the powder's colour OR apply the gel cream as the blusher itself.

This lovely gel cream blusher comes in 4 colours:

  1. Coral Cream (RD310)
  2. Raspberry Cream (RD411)
  3. Shell Pink Cream (PK312)
  4. Custard Cream (OR313)

Majolica Majorca Cream De Cheek Shell Pink Cream

The one that I've tried is the Shell Pink Cream one! :D The colours on my cheeks were lovely and pretty strong too! Simply blend it well and make sure you don't leave it on your face for too long. Just add 3 dab it onto your cheeks and blend it away quickly before it dries completely. Don't apply too much as gel cream blushers is much stronger in terms of the hue as compared to powder based ones!

Majolica Majorca Cream De Cheek Shell Pink Cream


2. Trick On Liner
Now this gel liquid eyeliner can be used as a normal eyeliner for one, OR to create designs on the body! The brushes are fine enough to allow you to let your creative juices run free. ;) Also, you don't need to worry about the liner running, because it's sweat, oil, tear and waterproof. XD So the colour will stay true and looks natural all day long.

There are two colours available for this one:

  1. Black Crown (BK999)
  2. Pink Clown (RS333)

I've received a Pink clown sample, and the pink is so pretty! OAO On your eyelids, the colour might not be as bright as you think it is, so don't forget to use an eye-make up base to enhance the pink. Either that, or dap on some eyeshadow to make the liner's color come out more and stay even longer! :>


Majolica Majorca Eye Liner Pink Clown

3. Crack Nails
I'm sure we all know what crack nail polish does right? ;) It's probably the craze that's been going around for quite a while already. It's basically creating nail art with fissure-like patterns by applying a special kind of nail polish (on top of your favourite nail polish, of course)!

Majolica Majorca is also releasing crack nails nail polish, and at limited edition ones too! :D They're in two colours:

  1. Black (BK999)
  2. Pink (PK444)

These Crack Nails dries easily for an almost instant design on your nails! Before you actually apply the Crack Nails onto your nails, you have to make sure you have two coats of regular nail polish first (just choose your favourite colour). After it dries, you can then apply the Crack Nails. Remember: the thinner the coat, the better the crack-like pattern finish will appear!

After the Crack nails dries, the crack-like patterns will appear. That's when you should apply a top coat for a nice added shine and to let it have a long lasting colour.


Majolica Majorca Crack Nails

4. Majoromantica (Dream Circus Bottle)
In case you're all not familiar with MM's products, this is a perfume that has the same scent as the Fruity Forest Majoromantica, and the scent is a very lovely one at that! They had samples for us to try at the pre-launch and I have to say, I loved every one of the notes in it even though I'm not a fan of anything sweet (including anything sweet-smelling)! This goes to say that the perfume is just right - not too overpowering nor too weak.

It's great for any woman out there who wants to doll up, and become a bit more feminine. This perfume does wonders in bringing your hidden inner "girl" out, and draws people closer to you to get a whiff of the scent. >3 You can also personalize the bottle with the given circus stickers (it's a limited circus edition version after all)! The bottle is also coloured slightly differently! :>
Here are the notes in the perfume:

Top note (first impression of the fragrance) - Juicy & fruity
Juneberry/ Strawberry/ Raspberry/ Rum bud/ Apple/ Fig/ Mangosteen/ Bergamot/ Lemon/ Mandarin

Middle note (the heart of the fragrance which unfolds and develops a few minutes after the perfume is applied to the skin) - Floral sweet
Rose/ Sweet pea/ jasmine/ Muguet/ Gardentia

Last note (the final impression of the fragrance and can last several hours after the fragrance is applied) - Sweet & mysterious
Vanilla/ Maple/ Brown sugar/ Sandalwood/ Musk

Majolica Majorca Crack Nails

You don't use this perfume like other spray-on perfumes! There's a reason why they last much longer - it's because of their concentration during the application of the perfume. The bottle cap has a spatula connected to it and all you have to do it to apply a small amount on anywhere you want (advisable neck, wrists, area around chest etc). After which, pat slowly for the smell to set in. ;)


Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy Watsons

Anyways, I'm pretty happy with how the products looked like after application. All the colours are so pretty! <3 Would love to have gotten the Majoromantica, but I guess I'll get it when it arrives exclusively in all Watsons shops on the 1st of November. XD Products from Majolica Majorca are always great to use and at an affordable price.

For more information, visit:

- Serene