Serene & Q Review: The Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Chocolates!!

Cadbury Dairy Milk

We were recently entrusted by the chocolate giant that is Cadbury Dairy Milk, to review their newest line up of chocolate treats - the Marvellous Creations!

Differing vastly from Cadbury Dairy Milk's usual classic offerings, the Marvellous Creations instead present to the consumer a series of chocolates with all kinds of varied toppings.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

As reviewing such a major new product is no small task, anibee Ambassador Serene was also called on board to help out in the epic taste-testing! We check out 3 kinds of chocolates: Peanut Toffee Cookie, Jelly & Crunchie Bits and Jelly Popping Candy & Beanies.

Peanut Toffee Cookie

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Dairy Milk

Serene: I think for starters, it's important for me to declare that I am not a person with a sweet tooth >_<. I do like the occasional treat, but eating chocolates and such things is generally not a habit of mine!

With that in mind, this flavour's incredibly sweet. I do like the cookie and the peanuts, and I think the little designs on the chocolate itself is a nice touch. It's even a different design on each piece! :D

Q: On the other hand, I am quite the connoisseur of confectionaries! Chocolates, gummies, you name it, I'm usually up for it! I'm not quite a fan of toffee in general (as I too prefer treats that are less sweet), but I do love nuts and crunchy stuff, and the cookie bits do provide a very nice extra bite to it. I think this is definitely my favourite of the bunch.

Jelly & Crunchie Bits

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Serene: Ack! The jellies are sticking to my teeth!

Joking aside, this is probably the sweetest flavour of the bunch. If you've a huge sweet tooth, then this is your pick! Oddly enough, I don't really taste the crunchie bits too much o__o !

Q: This is quite a new concept for Cadbury Dairy Milk, being used to seeing more "classic" treats from them like Fruit & Nut etc.

The jellies do make this flavour the sweetest of the bunch, and they certainly have a knack for sticking to your teeth, which is something I don't really favour. Otherwise, if you like your chocolates to have a huge sweet "punch" to them then this is your pick.

Jelly Popping Candy & Beanies

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Serene: This is a fun flavour! I like the little crackly, "popping" bits of candy in the chocolate, and it doesn't get in the way of the existing flavour of the chocolate. I think this is my favourite of the 3!

Q: The popping candy definitely gives this flavour a very "old-school" vibe to it, which is pretty neat. As Serene said, I also like how the popping candy dragees don't overpower the flavour of the chocolate itself. A pretty decent (and entertaining) eat!

Compiled & Edited by Q