Ani-Eats: Q's Calbee Chip Crackdown!

With all the raving, gushing and chomping I've done several times before when it comes to snacking down, there's been one name that's always been in my mind - Calbee.

One of my personal favourite Japanese snack food companies, it's odd how we've been able to get this far with nary a mention of them. Well, that's going to change now, as it's time to "snack-up" and take a look at some finds, as well as some of my personal favourites:

Sapporo Potato - Barbeque Flavour

Long, thin, and lightly salted, these apparent "Sapporo-based" recipe potato snacks are a nice, light snack for helping to quiet down those puckish cravings that pop up at the most inconvenient of times. This particular flavour was nice and mild, and generally makes for a good little nibble whenever and wherever with (hopefully) little calorie-based catastrophes.

Sapporo Potato - Paprika Flavour

The expected 'spicy' variant of this line in the tried-and-true red-coloured packaging. The flavour is just as mild as the barbeque variant, although perhaps a little bit too much so, as it lacks any sort of "kick" whatsoever. It's still a good eat for most however, and you at least won't need to chug down glasses of water while you enjoy it.

Jagabee - Salt Flavour

Shaped and cut very much like conventional French fries, these fine beauties have become a recent favourite of mine. With a great balance of flavour, texture, and substance, I found this snack insanely addictive. Turning hours to seconds, as soon as I snapped out of my eating-trance, I found myself standing in nothing but a pile of empty boxes and packets of this snack, the result of my culinary carnage in its wake...

Hot & Spicy Potato Chips


Completely bucking what seems to be a recent trend of more health-oriented chips with "spicy-flavours-that-aren’t-spicy-at-all", comes this classic Champion of Chomp. Blazing with the red hot gold of beautiful, beautiful MSG-laden flavourings, these chips are one of my biggest guilty pleasures ever. Satisfyingly crispy, substantial, and packing a huge, flavourful wallop, while being totally horrendous for your diet and salt-intake at the same time - it’s never felt so good to be bad.

- Q