J-addicts MiraiL: Eye-catching Moment with K-palette!

A couple of weeks ago, I've attended a K-palette event, and learnt a few tips from the makeup artist! Today, I'm here to share with all of you the tips the makeup artist Miko gave. I went there with a few other bloggers - courtesy of anibee!

(K-palette is a brand that needs no introduction - I'm sure most of you girls would have at least heard of their eyeliner! It's given a pretty positive review on the web-series, Tried and Tested.)

Miko is a Japanese makeup artist and trainer for k-palette! She flew down from Japan specially for this event. There was a mini demonstration at BHG bugis.

Two of the bloggers, Amaya and Patricia had a personal makeover by Miko. As Amaya had a pretty and innocent face, Miko decided to give her the "kawaii" look!

red lips
(Amaya getting her eyebrows done)

For a more kawaii look -

- eyeliner should be thicker in the middle of the eyes to give the illusions of bigger pupils

- draw a thin line on the middle of the waterline (for the same reason as above)

- blush should be applied more on the apple of the cheeks

- eyebrows should be natural looking (long, thin and overly-arched brows are a BIG no-no!)

- use pink blush, lipstick and lipgloss

- TLDR; everything should be "centralised" - thicker eyeliner and mascara in the middle of the eyes, blusher on apple of the cheeks.

Patricia, on the other hand, got a more "otona" (grown-up look) and sexy look!

(Miko applying loose powder on Patricia)

For a more otona (grown-up) look:

- For eyeliner draw a wing-tip end for upper eyelids

- draw the outer corner of the waterline

- Eyebrow should be slightly longer and thinner than the "kawaii" look, but it must still remain natural-looking! (Miko revealed that natural looking brows are popular. Brows that are overly-trimmed are out of fashion for a long time!)

- use a lipstick that's of a slightly darker shade

We were also introduced the other products from K-palette, such as their mascara; 1-day lash perm. Honestly I didn't know there were so many products from K-palette other than their eyeliner.

Of course, they gave us some samples so we could use it and test it out!

Here's my look with K-palette products!

Tried their 1-day lash perm mascara - I'll say it's pretty good and not clumpy at all! Its formulae allowed my eyelashes to appear longer without being weighted down. True to its name, on days I wear this mascara, I don't find the need to use an eyelash curler.

Once again, thanks to anibee & K-palette for the opportunity to attend this event and try out the products! :)

For more info on K-Palette, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore

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- MiraiL