Fie Japan!

Located at the first floor of Bugis Junction, Fie Japan is a mini heaven for people who are looking for bags or accessories etc directly imported from Japan. Having been around for 8 years, Fie Japan has steadily gained around 4000 loyal VIP fans. It's easy to see why when they are the exclusive importers of brands such as DALE and KAORU. Needless to say, you can be assured of excellent quality when it comes to products from Japan.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff you will be able to find at Fie Japan. There are so many exquisite jewelries you will be able to find here. As each item is very exclusive, you definitely can't be indecisive shopping there as it might be snapped up by someone else in a moment! Lucky for me, a sale was going on when I was there to make way for new stocks that are coming in on the first week of October. Perfect time to grab a few items for myself!

Fie Japan is the only place in Singapore where you can find Kaoru accessories and Dale bags! As usual once the items are sold out, it will be hard to get another one here. So you can be sure you won't be bumping into someone using the same stuff as you.

These bags are made from the fabric of kimonos!

Besides jewelries, Fie Japan sells a wide range of super functional and multi purpose bags. Almost all their bags have more than one way of carrying it and you can try to look for the hidden compartments in the bags. If you're like me who hates it when the bag itself is already heavy due to its materials being used (resulting in aching shoulders after you dump all your stuff in!), then Fie Japan offers the perfect lightweight bags for you!

If you think this is a normal rabbit key chain then you're thinking wrong! Open up the rabbit and it becomes a bag which could be a perfect cover for your expensive branded bags on rainy days to prevent it from getting wet.

I'm a huge cat lover and when I saw all these bags with cat prints on it, I couldn't stop gushing over how cute they were!! It's so hard to choose a favourite bag from this wide selection of cat print bags.

And what are the chances of seeing One Piece and Hello Kitty together? At Fie Japan, you can! These bags are exclusively bought in from Japan and I bet you can't find it anywhere in Singapore.

Nellie the store manager told us some of the most popular items in Fie Japan are the rain coats and umbrellas! I can understand why after trying it on. A raincoat that looks like a trench coat and it's so light that you can't feel yourself wearing it. Okay, I'm sold! The umbrellas not only shield you from rainy days but also sunny weather as it's UV protected. Plus they have tons of cute designs which make it worth its price.

If you're too busy to check Fie Japan out in person, why not check out their website It's updated frequently with new products and you can buy their stuff online too!

- Chermont