Zongyi's Review on K-Palette's "Exclusive Blogger Event"

I was honorably invited to K-Palette's "Exclusive Blogger Event" by anibee on 15 Sep 2012 at Bugis BHG! Really fun to spend time with the other invited bloggers to learn about K-Palette's newest products! That's really one of my favourite moments as a blogger, to be able to know more about beauty and makeup products and be invited to event launches!

K-Palette is a highly popular Japanese makeup brand best known for their eye makeup series. It was launched in 2007 in Singapore, so happy to have it here!

Upon arriving at Bugis BHG, I met up with the marketing personnel from anibee to confirm my presence. Then I saw this whole hill of K-Palette's newest makeup products, prepared just for us bloggers!

K-Palette's newest 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara! It introduces a curl keep polymer, acrylates polymer, that enables eyelashes to curl instantly, with a single stroke, how amazing! The polymer also reinforces the durability of the curl and ensures that it lasts throughout your day. Another ingredient, pullulan, helps to create long and defined lashes that do not clump. The brush is designed in a convex curve to help sweep your lashes upwards easily.

and K-Palette's limited edition Water-proof eyeliners, their best-seller since 2007! In fact, this is rated as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with...hear this, 1 sold every 24 seconds!! This eyeliner has fine tip micro-fibre, high water-resistant polymer molecule and a unique conditioning formula that confirm, chop chop, stays on your eyes despite Singapore's humidity and dryness! I love!

Here're some pretty decorations to welcome the bloggers! Titled "Eye-Catching Moments with Bloggers 2012" from K-Palette! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I love you K-Palette!

Here's a stage set up to welcome DJ Host Charlene and famous Makeup Artiste Miko from Japan! They did a live presentation of K-Palette's makeup for us!

Throughout the presentation, Ms Miko (MUA) explained (in Jap) how she use K-Palette's eyeliner and mascara to create a big-eye dolly effect on the model. The translater and DJ helped to explain the various makeup techniques to all of us! It was a meaningful learning journey because the Japanese really knows how to doll themselves up with many techniques. If you think you know how to draw your eyes well, you should really come and see for yourself!

After the wonderful presentation, we bloggers had a golden chance to be made over by Ms Miko! I was amazed by her crystal clear skin, how come all Japanese people have such soft skin? No wonder Japan is called the kingdom of beauty...

This is Ms Miko doing the makeup for one of the bloggers, Elizabeth.

I quickly took a photo of Ms Miko's makeup kit, awesome right! Love the eye shadows and lip glosses!

Tips from Ms Miko:
1. For Kawaii look, draw shorter eyebrows
2. For Sexy look, draw longer eyebrows
3. Always trim eyebrows before drawing eyebrows
4. Use gel eyeliner first before adding a coat of liquid eyeliner to create a more dramatic and 3D effect for the eyes
5. Always use concealer on eyebags
6. Don't forget to apply mascara on lower lashes too

Needless to say, Elizabeth turned out to look really pretty and kawaii after the makeover. Love her eyebrows because Ms Miko made it look so natural!

Sadly, I didn't manage to do my makeover because I appeared with makeup already...so, hopefully Ms Miko comes to Singapore again!

Lastly, I received a goodie bag full of K-Palette's treasures! Let's see what they have!

Wow, six makeup items from K-Palette!
3 Water Proof Eyeliner (1 Micro Eyeliner, 1 Waterproof Superblack (WPSB) Eyeliner and 1 WPSB Limited Edition eyeliner)
1 Concealer
1 Eyeshadow Palette
1 Day Lash Perm Mascara


I love all these cosmetics from K-Palette! Can't get enough of them all!

In addition, K-Palette is highly recommended by elite magazines like Cleo, and even you have voted them to be the best eyeliner ever!




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Let's go ladies, grab K-Palette's cosmetics and use them now! K-Palette for the win!

K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm is currently only available in SaSa & BHG. The rest of K-Palette products can be found in Watsons, SaSa & BHG.

- Zongyi