Hokkaido Cherry Orchard

Hokkaido Cherry

For 1000 yen (SGD16), you can pick and eat as many cherries as you want! This cherry orchard is the largest in the area, and one family runs the whole operation. The owners grow their own apples, grapes and cherries. Check out these baby apples growing on young apple trees. In late-September, these apples would have matured into fist-sized, red Fuji apples:

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Hokkaido apples

In July, however, it is cherry season. The cherry tree field is massive; you can't see the other end from the entrance. Then you get free rein to climb up ladders or grab cherries from where you stand.

Hokkaido Cherry Hokkaido Cherry

It's best to pluck the stem with the cherry so that the whole tree can grow healthily. After you've eaten the cherry, you can spit the seed anywhere you like.

Hokkaido Cherry

While they have the conventional dark red cherries, the main event is the bright pink Hokkaido cherries. The clearer the skin is, the sweeter the cherry. The less-ripe ones are more orange and look like cherry tomatoes.

Hokkaido Cherry

These cherries are as sweet as honey, and like a buffet you can eat several boxes worth before you call it a day.

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