Debut of Daiso at Tampines One

Everyone's favourite store, Daiso has just opened another new outlet at Tampines and anibee was there to check it out. How can we not be excited visiting Daiso when everything there is just two dollars! We made our way down in the morning and the store was already packed with people. Guess we're not the only ones who can't wait to check Daiso out! Take a look at the futuristic design of the entrance, it feels like we're about to be whisked off to a land of goodies!

Daiso Tampines front

Stepping inside, we see rows of products neatly lined up for easy shopping. For a store that sells almost practically everything, the store doesn't look cluttered at all.

Daiso Tampines in store

Fans of Hello Kitty would be delighted to find tons of Hello Kitty products such as stationary or stickers located near the entrance.

Daiso Tampines shoppers

Being the food junkies that we are, we immediately headed straight for the food section and were definitely spoiled for choice by the wide range of products. As buying everything back was impossible, we spent a considerably long amount of time just trying to make our choices.

Daiso snacks

Looking for stationeries for school or work? Then Daiso would be one of the best choices as they carry different kinds of stationeries such as these cute fluffy pens which just bring a smile to our faces whenever we look at it. Teacher's Day is round the corner, these stationeries will make perfect gifts too!

Daiso gifts teachersÂ’ day

What about some joke glasses that will be sure to crack everyone up?

Daiso joke glasses

Too lazy to wrap up your gifts? How about replacing it with these cute plastic bags (which are also reusable!)?

Daiso Tampines gift bags Daiso Tampines gift bags

Take a look at some of Daiso's recommendations which show some of their favourite and popular products. You know that you can never go wrong following Daiso's recommendations.

Daiso recommendations

Here are some of anibee's favourite picks from Daiso.

Clockwise from left: Notepad, Frog lunch box, Bear mirror key chain, Fancy Brads, Cap, Electric Eraser

Daiso gifts Daiso gifts Daiso gifts
Daiso gifts Daiso gifts Daiso gifts

Daiso Tampines check out

The staff at Daiso were also extremely friendly & helpful - the best way to make a good trip even better! We'll definitely pop by Daiso in future whenever we're around the area. Lastly, a huge thanks to Daiso for letting us visit and have a blast there! It's truly a one stop shop for all. Remember to keep a look out for these items when you visit any of Daiso's seven outlets located islandwide!

- Chermont