MONOYONO Grand Opening at Plaza Singapura

anibee was out visiting the grand opening of MONOYONO located at the basement of Plaza Singapura. Boy, were we glad that we were invited as we immediately fell in love with the cozy setting with dim lights and wooden interior. Immediately we knew that this trip is going to be pleasurable.

A few items caught our eyes right after we stepped in and it was hard to control our excitement as we started checking out all these items. We were blown away by the wide array of stationeries to perfect gifts suitable for all occasions. It definitely helps that the store is easy to navigate due to its clever layout.

Imagine our surprise to spot a rocking horse and unicorn! I'm sure most of you have childhood wishes of riding on a unicorn or horse. We had to resist the temptation to sit on it as it was just too cute to be sat on!

Next up, we saw a wide range of artistic cover notebooks priced at only $6.90. This should definitely make school or work more interesting as we bet that you just can't help but keep scribbling in it. Did you spot any designs that you like?

With the takeover of computers, it's hard to find a typewriter nowadays. Some of the younger generations might not even know what a typewriter is. How nostalgic we felt when we spotted one at MONOYONO.

If you are looking for a wedding gift with a limited budget, MONOYONO is a good place to start with a wide selection of items such as ring dish and photo frames etc.

All of us have our forgetful moments but with these reminder clips, you don't ever have to worry about forgetting your tasks! We could definitely use a few for anibee's office.

This voice recorder priced at $24.90 was so much fun to mess around with! It distorts your voice and it's guaranteed to make you laugh with its effects. How's that for a birthday present?

Do you have a colleague or friend who just gets on your nerves all the time? While we don't advocate violence, we think this voodoo doll should be of some help to release that anger.

We spotted another interesting item called sneaker cleaner which apparently wipes off the dirt if you get your sneakers dirty. It's a pretty handy item to keep in your bag at all times as you never know what you might accidentally step into on the streets.

Before we know it, it was time for us to go and we could hardly bring ourselves to leave. We left MONOYONO with a meaningful quote from John Lennon.

- Chermont