ani-Review : Casio Exlim TR150

Thanks to Casio, anibee was given the opportunity to try out their new Exlim TR150 for the ultimate photo experience, and it definitely did not miss its mark! Here's our take on Casio Exlim.

In HD mode (photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

This sleek and compact camera is so chic to carry around while basking in summertime glory yet cool enough to bring out for a Cocktail party. In fact, it fits so snugly into just any of the thousand and one pouches I own.

One of the main reasons why we are willing to toss our inhibitions aside when using the Exlim is due to its usability. The image panel can be flipped and twisted so easily that it is a breeze to look at yourself while you pose and snap at the same time. Not only can you now capture your best profile, it also eliminates those awkward moments when you turn over your camera to find that your face has been cropped accidentally.

With this hot weather, it's easy spot a few pimples every once in a while. This is why we shy away when there's a lens pointing our way and we are not looking at our best.

Photo in auto mode

Introducing a new solution to problem - Casio Exlim's makeup mode! It helps to fade away blemishes on photos to beautify complexion thus achieving smooth and flawless skin which is often seen in fashion magazines. With up to 12 levels of makeup mode, it's a no wonder everyone's hogging the Exlim!

Makeup mode level 6

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Makeup mode level 12 - Finally picture perfect!

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Girls being girls, most of us are born to be a social animal. Taking photos and editing to our hearts content is one of the many group activities we do. Our third favourite feature is the in-built 'cut and paste' function of Casio Exlim.

First, take a photo of the object you wish to cut. In this case, weÂ’ve chosen a tea cup.

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Next, take a photo of the image for cropped object to be pasted onto. We intend to past the tea cup beside the keychain.

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Now, cut the shape which you wish to use.

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

And paste it onto your desired picture! Viola! It's done! It's so easy and you can adjust the size of the object too! We purposely shrank the size of the tea cup so it looks proportionate to the keychain Strawberry milk carton.

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Not only is it fun (like a game), it also comes with many enticing frames and effects to choose from! This gives the photos an ideal finishing touch while on the go! You can add in as many frames and effects as you like to your picture too.

(Photo taken by Casio Exlim TR150)

Needless to say, we had a hearty photo taking session, especially for us girls. Casio Exlim makes taking and photos editing so pleasurable and easy. Indulge in creative photo taking and make the best of your Casio Exlim TR150 today! Available at all authorised dealers and departmental stores.

- Lana