Ani-Eats: Q's Yamakawa Super Snack Showdown!

Image source: Flickr

Besides splurging on video games, gadgets, and over-priced collectible figures, there's only one other thing that I enjoy doing no matter what the day or time - stuffing my face. However, I regard myself as more of a 'snack connoisseur' of sorts, choosing to opt for more quality, if more expensive, eats, rather than shovelling piles of generic sludge down my throat.

Having said that, it's usually the Japanese-made snacks that I tend to favour the most, and one place I always turn to whenever I want my genuine fix of them, is Yamakawa Super.

Located in several places in Singapore, I headed down to their branch at Clark Quay Central. Unlike most other stores, Yamakawa Super directly imports snacks from Japan. This means that while you do pay a slightly higher premium price, you get a much wider array of snacks that are generally of a higher quality too. Here're just 5 I decided to indulge in:

Meiji Biscuit Choco

An old 'standard' of mine, this is as basic as it gets – and it's still awesome! A thin biscuit is covered by a nice, balanced layer of milk chocolate, topped with some bits of rice in between. Rich, crispy, and goes down as smooth as silk - the perfect quick indulgence.

Kasugai Ramune Flavour Gummy

Being an insanely-huge fan of gummis/gummies in general, I always leap at the chance to try a new flavour whenever I see one, especially from Kasugai's quality line. I didn't really feel this flavour so much unfortunately, as it was rather weak and lacking any sort of characteristic ramune-style 'punch' to it. At the price it goes for, you're probably better off with one of Kasugai's usual fruit flavours (which Yamakawa also stocks), which are far superior.

Couque DÂ’asses

Once you've stopped sniggering over the name (grow up, people!), you'll find yourself here a very enjoyable little snack. Wafer-thin biscuits that somehow still remained substantial, sandwich a sleek layer of strawberry... cream-like stuff, give it a very refreshing taste. Complements a drink perfectly!

Petite Plus Cheese Okaki

Two tiny crackers with a bit of cheese in-between them - sounds familiar to you? Very much like a 'Japanese Ritz' of sorts, I found these to be a little salty for my taste, but no-less addicting nonetheless. The only problem? The portion is way too little for the price, making these an expensive addiction!

Puccho Honey Lemon

Let's set the record straight - I am a HUGE sucker for chewy candy. Amongst all the brands out there, none have quite got my attention as intensely as this little gem right here. Although Puccho candies are now widely available throughout the island, this flavour still remains mostly a Japanese-only exclusive. Dangerously addictive, these little beauties strike an amazing balance of the sourness from the lemon to the buzz from the honey. Perfect harmony!

- Q