Hats Alert

You may not know this but the Japanese love their hats and so should we! With the sun shining so brightly on us most of the time, there's no reason not to be spotted without a pair of shades or at least a hat. We're not referring to other normal hats but a trendy hat that can help your outfit become a fashion statement! Not only does it make for a great accessory and shield your eyes from the sun, it helps hide away those bad hair days! Not to mention, the right hat will help make you stand out in your own unique way.

Here are some different hats spotted on the streets!

Straw Hat, Boater Hat, 'Actress Hat’
IMAGE SOURCE: http://web-japan.org/trends/11_fashion/fas120126.html

Bowler Hat
IMAGE SOURCE : http://web-japan.org/trends/11_fashion/fas120126.html

Who says fashionable hats are only for girls? Check out these guys who carry it off just as well.


But before you get carried off and start shopping for hats, here are some tips on how to search for the perfect hat that complements your face shape.

If you have a round face, you need to find a hat that doesn't exaggerate it. You'd be most suited with hats that have a wide brim to help conceal your face shape. Avoid sloppy hats as this will only draw attention to your face. An 'actress hat', sun hat or fedora would be your best choice.

People with square faces have strong angles which could be best soften by wide brim, soft or floppy hats. Softening your angles could make your face more feminine.

IMAGE SOURCE : http://theperfecthumanface.blogspot.sg/

For long faces, you would want to shorten the length of your face by covering up your forehead. While having bangs is one solution to it, you can also choose hats with a broad brim. Tilting your hat sideways is one way of disguising your forehead.

The lucky ones are those who are blessed with heart shape or oval faces. These two face shapes can practically wear any kind of hat, from fedoras to berets. Any hats that you can think of should look good, so go crazy and experiment!