Introducing - Mirai!

She's cute, she's bubbly and she's mega-energetic! anibee proudly introduces another guest writer to our line up - Mirai!

A popular blogger, Mirai enjoys Anime, dancing to her favourite AKB48 songs, and is an overall J-culture and fashion buff! Also being a huge make up enthusiast, we invited her to attend Majolica Majorca's Make up Workshop - here's her report on the event!

Guest Article: Mirai's Majolica Majorca Make up experience!

Last Friday, I was invited to the Dramatic eye makeup workshop held by Majolica Majorca in collaboration with anibee.

As some of you might have known, Majolica is one of my favourite cosmetics brand. (It's well-known for its pretty packaging, affordability and availability. :3)

The session first started with the trainer, Wilson, introducing to us the various cosmetics products that we would be using. Products from Chapter 33 - Lash King, the latest chapter, were specially highlighted.

Once the presentation ended, the participants were given a chance to try on the products!

As I brought my own false eyelashes (as required of a dramatic eye makeup), I was selected to be the "model" for the trainer to demonstrate the steps on. However, he only did half the makeup on my face and I had to complete the other half by myself!

This was a problem because the participants were laughing at my half-done face!

First, we've started with the base, using the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (makeup base) and Skin Remaker Pore Cover (powder foundation).

Personally, I'm hooked onto the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover! While its effects are subtle, it covered most of my pores and brightened up my skin. I'm pretty much contemplating to get one of this myself, so I could use it on days I want a more natural looking makeup.

Next, we moved onto the eye area - started off with drawing eyebrow first! Wilson taught us how to measure and draw the perfect eyebrow. He also emphasized that eyebrows should be drawn to look "3D" to nicer! :)

Despite being a fan of Majolica, I didn't even know they had so many eyebrow products. They had eyebrow pencils in Sword Cut (Slanted), Super Slim and even in powder form!

Next comes the eyeshadow. For a dramatic look, we were encouraged to experiment with different colors. (you would have to choose contrasting colors - for example, a light blue base with dark blue accent doesn't count because they're shades of blue and counted as the same color!)

Would you just look at that amount of eyeshadow colors we got to play with? Since I was the "model", Wilson did the choosing of colours for me! He chose the following 3 colours for my eyes:

Yes, it's yellow, hot pink and black! Honestly, I've never used yellow eyeshadow before and I felt rather alarmed when he told me he would be using that color. However, the results turned out pretty stunning.

Look how prettily he blended the colours! I was having a lot of problems trying to replicate it on my other eye. Despite the colours looking a tad too over-saturated when you look at it close-up, once you open your eyes, all that remains is a subtle hint of colour.

I think I might try experimenting with different eye shadow colours from now on!

After the eye shadow, we moved on to drawing the eyeliner using the Perfect Automatic liner, and used the Lash King mascara to emphasize our lashes.

Here's my friend Miyo, using the Perfect Automatic Liner.

Check out their new applicator for Lash King too! This mascara contains 5mm fibre and boasts to make your eyelashes fuller, longer and thicker.

Finally, to complete the look, we used Blood On on the cheeks and lips for a healthy, blood-flushed complexion.

Here's the final look~

Thanks to the trainer, Wilson, for introducing this new style of makeup. He was hilarious and kept the participants engaged throughout the workshop by cracking jokes. I enjoyed learning from him!

Even though I'm not exactly new to cosmetics, I have learnt many new techniques to apply my makeup from the workshop! There's something new to be learnt everyday. :)

Also, I would like to thank Majolica Majorca (Shiseido) and anibee for organising the workshop. Especially to anibee, who invited me and gave me the opportunity to attend it!

Thanks to my two friends, Joey and Miyo for accompanying me to the workshop. Hope you girls enjoyed it as much as I did!

Lastly, not forgetting the rest of participants, thanks for laughing at my face with makeup half done for being wonderful participants at the workshop. :D

I hope I'll be able to attend more of such workshops soon! I'm also looking forward to the new products of Chapter 34 (yet to be released). I wonder what theme Majorlica would go for next? ;D

Check out Mirai's blog here.