Sanrio Corner in Toys "R" Us

It's begun! My new blog post for the week~
For those who are reading this
I'm Mika~♪

Today, I'm gonna introduce you to a really really cool and fun place!!

Hidden in the corner of every Toys "R" Us, are some of the cutest Sanrio products ever!!!

They have an amazing collection of My Melody items - Bags, Water bottles, Bento boxes, and even Seatbelt covers!!

Stationery, Files, Notebooks, Calculators? *Squeeel♥* - School will be so much more amazing with these!

Now my meals will be super cute thanks to the array of Bento boxes and Eating Utensils

It was so cute; I couldn't help but get some stuff for myself


Here are some of their most popular items!!

Hello Kitty cups S$18.90

Sliced Hello Kitty Log Cake Key Chains S$6.90

Wedding Pillows

Little Twin Stars Lala Bowl S$16.90

Little Twin Stars Kiki Bowl S$16.90

Hello kitty kid's luggage S$42.90

This place is LOVE ♥ , 'nuff said.

By the way,

Don't worry if the item that you want is sold out! They restock every week!

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