Ani-Visits : Comics Connection at Plaza Singapura!


anibee is on the move in search of the best stores, shops and retail outlets that carry the goods that YOU seek. What 'goods' might we be talking about, you ask? Nothing but the latest in Anime, Games, Manga and related merchandise of course! Check out what anibee has discovered this month!

Finding the Connection!

Located in the prime location of Plaza Singapura, the bright, vivid, and absolutely massive front displays welcome you to this Comics Connection store.

anibee managed to chat with a friendly staff member, who has picked out some of the hottest products that you shouldn't miss!

Top 5 Hottest Products in Comics Connection (Plaza Singapura)

1) Beyblade
Comics Connection carries the latest and greatest of designs for this hot competitive game, including the Cosmic Pegasus and the Death Quetzalcoatl!

2) COCO! Back Issues
Of course, COCO!'s presence is felt here! You can get back issues you may have missed, right here in Comics Connection!

3) Vanguard Cards & Accessories
Any Vanguard Fighter worth his salt has to enhance his deck! Here, you'll find everything that you need, including the latest editions of booster packs, as well as card protectors and binders!

4) Angry Birds Plush Toys
The popular game continues to show its dominance with a wide array of adorable plush toys! All sorts of designs and sizes are available - even ones that make sounds straight from the game!

5) Street Fighter X Tekken
2 of the greatest fighting game franchises, Street Fighter and Tekken, come together in the brawl of the decade! This latest release is destined to become a classic!

So check out Comics Connection (Plaza Singapura) and get your fix today!

Next time on anibee, we're going to head down to a sister store of Comics Connection - the newly opened 'This & That' at J-Cube! Tune in to see what this hot new outlet has to offer!