Mika's Review - Cawaii Koohii Maid Café

Today~ Mika went on a little trip to find awesome hangouts in Singapore.

Guess what?



Located at 109 North Bridge Road #05-K1-K3, Singapore, Singapore 179097, it is near famous shops such as La Tendo and Rapid Culture!

When I first stepped in I was blown away by the cuteness of the entire place~ ♪ It was really unique! Being an avid fan of Japanese culture, I instantly fell in love with the place. It's perfect for students and adults who enjoy the Japanese culture or just want to de-stress. It's chic and elegant design combines both western and eastern elements, making it a futuristic and global take on the classic 'fuwa fuwa' look that most maid cafes would have.

One of the things to look out for here would the wall of notes written by the customers of Cawaii Koohii. I personally find very interesting as it shows the diverse clientele that Cawaii Koohii has. There are even notes from Japanese people who compared it to maid cafes in their countries, the notes say that they preferred their experience at Cawaii Koohii instead of their local maid cafes! There are even wonderful drawings done by both the customers and the maids.


It even has a special room fit for functions or large gatherings, perfect for people to hold parties or even just to have a nice dinner with friends.


When I was there, I was greeted warmly by the manager of the cafe. He even took a photo of me!

Uwaa~~ (>へ<)

I feel so plain as compared to the maids there… *sobs*

The maids were really pretty~☆ They were known as Murasaki, Utau and Tsuki!!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

The food there was A~MA~ZING~

Beef Pasta ($7.90)

I loved it a lot!!! Murasaki-chan cooked and drew a kitty on the pasta and it's soo cute~ When she served it, I really couldn't bear to eat it (ToT) It's too cute to be eaten!! But I did |・ω・`)コッショリ Overall, it tasted pretty good and it was really appetizing. The sauce has mushrooms and beef in it, my 2 most favorite things. If I ever get the chance, I will definitely order it again.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the other items on the menu, but they look so good!!



Casually strolling back to Cawaii Koohii~

βyё βyё…φ(・ω・ )


Mugging hard for your exams or just dead bored at work? What better way to deal with all this stress than to chill out with the kawaii meidos at Cawaii Koohii? Located on the fifth level of Funan DigitaLife Mall, this unique, Singaporean Maid Café is easily accessible and comfortably cosy for brunch or dinner


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UCC Coffee, cakes, desserts, finger food and Asahi Premium beer are available as well at Cawaii Koohii. For more information, please visit cawaiikoohii.com and www.facebook.com/cawaii.koohii.maids.

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