MONOYONO's Debut in Vivo City

In accordance with dress down Fridays, our team was out about searching for the quirkiest shop for our reviewing pleasure, and guess what we stumbled upon!

Located on the first floor of Vivo City, we found ourselves standing in front MONOYONO and staring up in awe at the surge of vibrant colours and intriguing displays against the polished wooden interior.

MONOYONO is a gift and novelty concept store which offers a wide range of speciality items ranging from stationery, home décor and beauty products. It is indeed a one stop solution for birthdays, anniversaries or just a good ol' pick-me-up. We were so utterly entranced with taking in the shop displays that we couldn't decide where to start exploring the store from.

The most innovative item that captured our eyes was definitely the Butterfly Collection. As recommended by the shop keeper, this is the 'IT' item for the moment. It fluttered and moved just like a real butterfly with just a tap on the jar lid. We could hardly keep our hands to ourselves as we took turns playing with this treasure. It is now available at a limited time discount price of $29.90.

We delved deeper into the shop and were greeted by a picture of a lady donned in royal medieval flock. Tokyomilk is a brand which has been making waves in Singapore with their whimsical and vintage designs of beauty products which got us ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over again.

The bar soaps lay glistening in the warm overhead light in a fancy golden box, leaving us itching to get one too. We overheard a couple of girls commenting that these lovable beauty products will make an awesome gift hamper for a friend's birthday. We definitely second that!

Afraid that carrying a bottle of perfume around might be heavy? This small jar of solid perfume is the perfect portable choice! What's even better, it comes with a collection of unique little cards in the box, should you feel like writing down a secret little note!

These tongue-in-cheek designs of scented mini wipes priced at only $3.90 will surely tickle your Monday blues away. Can you guess who these characters stand for? Pet lovers rest assured that no harm was done to any animal in the designing of these cartoons.

These may look like a typical perfume spray for ladies, but we think the guys will definitely find it useful too - for those of you with mothers who are hell-bent on keeping a sweet, floral smelling bathroom no matter what!

Think that your walls or fridge look a little plain? Perhaps these decorative magnets will help spice them up a little!

Sweet cravings while on the move? The ladies will find this selection a yummy treat for the lips. Not only do they look delicious, these lip gloss not only moisturise your lips, they let your lips taste like dessert at only $8.90! Mmm, strawberries…

After a long droning day at school or work, who wouldn't wish to catch some rest with a good night's sleep? Rejuvenate with a good night's sleep with Tokidoki pillow cases at $29.90 a pair, assorted designs available.

We almost had to drag ourselves out of the store, when the day was done!

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