T-ara Cosplay bar and café

When the anibee team visited T-ara Cosplay Bar and Café last Thursday, we immediately saw a potentially catastrophic problem - nestled on the riverside of Boat Quay, T-ara could hypothetically be an easy prey for Godzilla. Should the 180-feet monster ever come stomping and splashing out from the river, the café, and every other establishment near it, would most certainly be crushed under his massive feet with barely a second thought! If one has to meet a squishy end to the King of Monsters, at least the bar's location provides a stunning view of Singapore River; with landmarks such the white facades of the Asian Civilisation Museum to the rustic Old Parliament House plainly visible for your visual delectation.

Could you tell the characters from their silhouettes?

'Minimalist' was the word of the day at T-ara, as despite the waitresses being decked out in costumes (with a regular, periodical costume change), the bar blended in almost seamlessly with its more conventional neighbours. Possessing an unusually Western-oriented menu, T-ara also opted to blast the latest English hit tunes, a-typical of a normally Japanese-inclined, 'cosplay' related establishment.

We were treated to an acoustic performance by ex-Singapore Idol contestant, Maia Lee!

We tried their signature nachos and Italian pizza, and we were most definitely satisfied. They thoughtfully sliced their thinly-crusted pizza into squares for easier sharing among table of friends or colleagues, and each slice even had its own share of pepperoni evenly distributed (Yes, we were counting).

The two cheese dips were definitely the perfect companion for the ever crowd-pleasing nacho chips. Although we felt that the food variety for T-ara was a little spartan, they compensated for this with quality.

Despite the lack of obvious visual cues to the intended cosplay-oriented nature of its name, the folks at T-ara assured us that they have a bevy of events in store, including a series of cosplay events. For more details, keep an eye on their Facebook page.