Majolica Majorca Chapter 33 Makeover

Life size poster of Chapter 33's Lash King

Today, anibee took me to get a wonderful Majolica makeover. It was a really exciting experience for me as I had never gotten a makeover before. Initially, I was a bit intimidated as the venue was really amazing and beautiful but the friendly make-up artist made me feel right at home. I was really excited about my make over and I kept fidgeting in my chair but the make-up artist didn't mind at all.

In the midst of my makeover

Look at the array of colors, I'm so tempted to try them all!

Almost done now…

During my make over, the lady who was the liaison between Anibee and Majolica, came over to say hi. She was a very big fan of Japanese fashion and she was even dressed in one of the best Japanese brands, which really surprised me! We talked casually about our favorite Japanese brands and before I knew it, it was time to leave. I was a bit sad because it was a truly fun experience and I wish that something like that would happen again.


I simply love the way my lashes flutter after using Lash King!

Stay tuned for my product review on Majolica's Chapter 33 beauty products! I'm so excited that I can hardly wait for the parcel to arrive!