Haru House

Haru House

On the second floor of *SCAPE, amidst dessert restaurants and hobby shops, is Haru House! Straight out of a magical theme anime, this bright shop sticks out like pink cotton candy, irresistible we say! When you enter, you're greeted with a cheery 'irashaimase~!' by two girls dressed like it is Cosfest everyday. These girls recognize the regular guests by name and understand their taste. If you want to chat about Japanese subculture or anime, they will gladly throw in a few pointers too.

The upper half of the walls are plastered with cosplay photos and anime posters, and every other inch of the shop is dedicated to Japanese subculture fashion: Japanese school uniforms, Decora, Yukata, Lolita, Hime, Punk, EGA/EGL or Cosplay. There are also imports from any Japanese company you can think of, but everything is kept at the most affordable price possible.

Who dreamt this up? If Haru House were Ghibli Museum, then Elizabeth Seah would be Hayao Miyazaki. A Japanese subculture enthusiast, she founded Haru House in 2005, which then was just a 100 square-ft shop tucked in a corner of Far East Plaza. Haru House grew and in 2010 moved to *SCAPE. She named the shop 'Haru' as it means 'spring', which in Japan signifies a new beginning; she wanted to help others rediscover themselves. Elizabeth has built Haru House with the values of friendship and sincerity, and thus Haru House is what it is today.

Elizabeth Seah with Haru Café Butlers

The Haru brand has expanded to stoke Japanese subculture interest in Singapore with its sister organizations Haru Café, Haru Stars and Haru Bazaar. Haru Café is a Maid and Butler Café with hosts from all over the world. It's like Ouran High School Club meets Hetalia: Axis Powers. If you wish it, they'll play board games with you and serve pastries and sweets at a price range of up to $10. Why not pop by and join them for tea today?

Haru Café Butlers and Maids

While Stars is meant to nurture performing talents, Bazaar is a bi-monthly event for otaku to meet up. Held at *SCAPE atrium, second-hand anime or cosplay merchandise is sold, and there are singing and cosplay competitions. It's a successful event that has drawn hordes of Japanese subculture lovers.

Haru Bazaar

Haru House is open daily 12- 9 pm at *SCAPE, #02-31, 2 Orchard Link (behind Cineleisure, near Somerset MRT)

Photos from Haru Café Facebook and Haru House Facebook

The Japanese Summer Festival will be happening on the 14th of August! Make yourself free and drop by to experience the Haru craze! In conjunction with Haru Bazaar, the Japanese Summer Festival organized by Haru House will be held on the same day too! What you can expect:

Haru Cafe - Savour our exquisite selection of special menu - Japanese traditional pastries and sweets, while basking in the warm and elegant service provided by our charming butlers and cute maids for this summer season~! Join us in your yukata~

Each entrance ticket will be $15 (Fully redeemable).

Get your pre tickets to secure a seat at Haru (Scape #02-31), free poster while stock last!

Just thinking about the sweets stalls selling candy apples, chocolate bananas, and Daifuku are enough to make your mouth water! If you need a full meal, the food stall can satisfy your hunger with a bowl of Cha Soba or Kitsune Udon. Join them for the Tea Ceremony and experience drinking tea, the Japanese way! Special autographed Japanese Tea cups will be available for sale as well!

Hourly seating as per usual at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Walk-ins will be served on a first come first serve basis. Get your tickets now!