Amaya @ The Pika Pika Matsuri ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

On behalf of anibee, I got a lovely chance to cover Pika Pika Meido Cafe's event - Pika Pika Matsuri at *SCAPE warehouse!

Pika☆Pika Meido Cafe is a mobile cafe with an aim to reach out and bring happiness to as many Japanese-culture lovers out there, organised by J-culture lovers for J-culture lovers.

Natsumi & Neko - The Hoshino Sisters!

Food & Games

For $19.90, you could get an omurice bento set complete with one free drink, and a cheki with your very own meido! Plus personalised drawings and power ups to your food, which will make them oh-so-delicious!

Mika interviewing a happy customer

Natsumi being very meticulous!

Hardworking meidos!

Suzume and her turtle art

Close up

Every so often, the meidos would appear on stage to play games with everyone in the cafe! You could win a cheki with a meido of your choice! If you would like to, you could also play mini games with the meido assigned to your table, and win a random 4R photo print.

Jan-ken-pon with Mirei!

Quite a number of people participated~

BUT there can be only ONE winner per game:


Pika Pika Matsuri featured several local designers alongside the official AKB48 Merchandise shop! They also had their own booth selling their own pictures and goodie bags.

Pika Pika Matsuri Booth!

Adorable art by Orange Owl. She also does commissions (:

Row of booths, nearest being the AKB48 Official Merch Shop!


Co-organised with EOY (, Pika Pika Meido Cafe planned an entire performance schedule, with guest performers included!

SPICA by Miu

Senbonzakura by Suzume, Natsumi & Mirei

And of course, one must never forget the enthusiastic audience:

Complete with lightsticks!

Even a flashmob performance to Luka Luka Night Fever!

Freebies if you RSVP-ed to their event!

Though I could not manage to stay through the entire event, I enjoyed meeting up with friends and watching the performances :D

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- Amaya