Serene Reviews: Tokyo Pasta Mario

Just last Thursday, Q and I were invited down to Wisma Atria for a special tasting session. ;D Does anyone know of the store named Tokyo Pasta Mario? Owo

Well, if you've never heard of them, let me get you started by showing you the menu, and making your taste buds water! Ohohohohoho~

You think that's all? NO WAY! Here, have a good time drooling at the menu.

Tokyo Pasta Mario (TPM) is a restaurant that serves up Japanese x Italian dishes. You might be able to tell from their restaurant name since "Mario" is both a common name in Italy and in Japan! It is a household name that everyone is familiar with. Similarly, TPM is a place with a taste like home, where you can tuck into a meal of affordable authentic gourmet pasta without ever breaking your wallet.

Located at Wisma Atria, the Food Republic, TPM provides a refreshing variety of dishes to welt your hungry appetites (they have around 30 choices of foods for you to choose from).

From pastas, to hamburgs and even pastries, all these usual Italian dishes will be taking you by surprise when they're cooked in Japanese styles - a very interesting combination indeed (Also known as 和風/Wafuu - Q)! The Japanese Chef (also the food coordinator), Takanori Yamazaki, creates all the dishes with a Japanese twist using freshly imported ingredients from Italy! Nothing but the best for all of their customers! :3

The best part is how everything is decently priced! It's not always the case, that you get a great meal like this for less than $10 in the city area. ;D What else could a customer ask for - a meal with great portions with such prices! Both your taste buds and you will be utterly happy.

Anyways, let us move on to the dishes that Q and I managed to try that day! >:D You may all start being jealous now.

The first dish that was presented to us was the Mushroom and Bacon with Onsen Egg Topping in Miso Cream. Look at that pretty onsen egg~ <3

(On a side note: the range of pastas here come in three different sauce bases! They have pastas in Tomato & Beef Meat Sauce, Miso Cream Sauce and even in Japanese Pepperoncino sauce!)

The onsen egg in this spaghetti adds a very Japanese touch to the whole Italian taste of the Spaghetti. It (surprisingly) sits very well in the dish, considering how eggs and spaghetti aren't normally seen together! This spaghetti was a little on the salty side because of the bacon, but since I liked things salty, I wasn't complaining. :P It's pretty amazing how the mushrooms, the bacon, the noodles and the onsen egg complemented each other so well. Definitely a must-try for bacon fans at just $7.80! @o@

The next dish tried was Q's personal favourite - Prawn and Mushroom in Mentaiko Cream Sauce.

The mentaiko cream sauce is just DELIGHTFUL. It literally melted at first bite. Could totally understand why this was Q's favourite! The prawns were a perfect blend with the sauce, and the seaweed helps to neutralize a bit of the sweet taste from the mentaiko. The spaghetti was al dente. Everything about this was virtually PERFECT - I kid you not. I really never expected mentaiko would go this well with spaghetti, but this dish really just knocked my socks off. For the price of $8.80, this is definitely a steal (all fresh ingredients - the prawns were great).

Next up, we have the Prawn and Squid with Mentaiko Cream Pizza. Sounds good? THAT'S BECAUSE IT TASTES GOOD TOO! @o@

This is my first time eating a Japanese pizza, actually, and it definitely didn't disappoint! The mentaiko cream on the thin crust of the pizza makes it a very delightful treat. The prawns and squids were just slightly bulky on the pizza, but still tasted great with the sauce and crust! Top it off with the sauce and your taste buds are ready to thank you to the high heavens! 8D Yes, it's really that good, and all of it can be yours at the price of $9.80. Mentaiko is the besssstttttttt. Albeit a little sweet. But still. 8DDD

Finally, the last dish - Hamburger Steak with Garlic Rice in Western Japanese Brown Sauce Set! Don't doubt the picture - it tastes as good as it looks.

The hamburger steak is well cooked; not over or undercooked in any way. With one bite, the juices from the meat just spurts out (it's soooo good). The cheese on the steak blends in with the taste of the meat and the sauce, creating the most excellent taste of a hamburg steak that I've ever eaten. I kid you not. One bite of the meat, one mouthful of the garlic rice... And the verdict is clear. $9.80 for this glorious steak. Must-buy, please.

Well, that's just about all we've had that day, and boy, were we full and well sated after that tasting session! >:3 If you want to stop drooling over the pictures and try the food for yourself, go to Wisma Atria (at Food Republic) and visit Tokyo Pasta Mario ASAP! Not in the mood to go to Orchard area? They have an outlet at Somerset 313's Food Republic as well. :D

Remember, don't miss out on a good meal in the city area that's below $10! >D

For more information, feel free to check out their Facebook page!!

Special thanks to Tokyo Pasta Mario for the invite! Visit them at Wisma Atria or Somerset 313, and check out their Facebook page!

- Serene