anibee Features: Tomoko Miyake!

Ramen Champion has opened their newest branch at Great World City in Singapore with several awesome new ramen outlets ready to serve you their culinary best!

What better way to celebrate than to show our appreciation for food in the most radical of ways - like an eating contest!

The winner, downing 20 bowls of ramen and 8 plates of gyoza in 20 minutes, was competitive eater, Tomoko Miyake. We had a few words with this popular "Food Fighter".

anibee: Welcome to Singapore! Are you enjoying your visit here?

Tomoko Miyake: It's absolutely wonderful! I can't believe how beautiful and clean your country is. Along with how nicely I've been treated here, I really do feel like I'm some sort of celebrity!

anibee: What made you decide to become a competitive eater (known as "Food Fighters" in Japan)?

TM: I've always loved food when I was young; whether from literally eating it, or from watching shows like TV Tokyo's Ganso Tensai Bakabon.

With all of these factors and having seen other fellow competitive eaters, I started showing interest in the sport. I was encouraged by my family, and here I am!

anibee: Aside from being a competitive eater, you also do modeling! Does the activity of one ever get in the way of the other?

TM: I admit, it did have the potential to. When I did my gravure modeling, I did have to control my eating and hold off on competing for a while.

Once I was done with it though, it was back to "training" for me as always!

anibee: As a competitive eater, how do you ensure your health isn't compromised?

TM: Staying healthy is indeed, an important part of being a competitive eater.

I go to the gym regularly myself, as well as getting regular check ups from my doctor. Most of all, I always make sure to push myself *just* enough at competitions, but never going overboard. I want to be able to eat again another day!

anibee: Have you tried any Singaporean dishes? Which one would you like to take on!

TM: I have, but I've only had a small sampling so far. I would LOVE to try out chicken rice!

anibee: The chili sauce can be very spicy though! Are you good with spicy food?

TM: Oh dear, really? I'm not so great with spicy foods, but I would love to try it out (normally) first haha! Maybe one day I will challenge it!

anibee: Is there anyone that inspires you as a Food Fighter?

TM: Yes, I am a big fan of Mr. Takeru Kobayashi (holder of 6 Guinness World Records)!

He has played a big part in influencing me into becoming a Food Fighter, with his amazing techniques and achievements. I feel that I still have a lot to learn in the art of competitive eating, and I hope that I will one day become closer to his level!

anibee: What are your plans for the future?

TM: I would love to open either a restaurant or a snack store eventually! I love cooking and making food as much as I love eating it, and I want to share my passion for food with everyone. There's nothing in the world that makes me happier than food - and I think everyone should feel the same too!

Special Thanks to Ramen Champion for the invite!