Project 575: Song Creating Sensation!

Vocaloid fans and Japanese Culture buffs alike are about to come together in one of the most unique ways possible.

Hinted at by SEGA of Japan some months back was their mysterious new title, dubbed simply as "Project 575". Finally revealed in July 2013, this isn't just a single title, but a series of games - 歌詠み575/Uta-Yomi 575 (Song Reciter 575) and 歌組み575/Uta-Kumi 575 (Song Builder)!

Based on the theme of '575'; that being the syllabic structure of traditional Japanese haiku (poems); Project 575 has players helping to create their own sing-able poems for 2 girls to perform.

Assisted by the lively Masaoka Azuki and the mature Kobayashi Maccha, in composing their own haiku for them to sing & dance to.

This means only one thing - a game bonaza! SEGA is releasing both a PS Vita version as well as a supporting iOS app.

In Uta-Yomi 575 for the iOS, gamers will be able to take pictures, accumulate special outfits, and interact and play with the girls using the iPhone/iPad's features. Not to mention being able to create their own songs for them to perform by inputting in just about any word (in Japanese though) - and uploading it for other players to enjoy!

That's not all though, as the experience can be expanded upon with Uta-Kumi 575 on PS Vita! Here, players will get a full music rhythm game offering with SEGA's signature Project Diva-esque style as the girls sing and dance to haikus.

Utilising the tried-and-true Vocaloid vocal synthesising technology, gamers are guaranteed to be immersed as they witness their very own word selections get sung in real-time by the girls naturally and seamlessly - as real idols should!

Uta-Yomi 575 is coming to the Japanese iOS on 26th July 2013, with Uta-Kumi 575 coming to the PS Vita in 2014!

Information and Pictures provided by SEGA! Check out Project 575's Official Website for more information.

- Q