Speeding into the Next Generation - Sonic Lost World!

Not one to sit around and idle, SEGA had recently announced their next title to usher Sonic into the next generation of video games.

The title? Sonic Lost World!

Coming to the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS is a brand new series entry in the 20+ year old hedgehog's portfolio. Sonic Lost World is set to deliver an experience that's fun & familiar, yet exciting and fresh!

The story has Sonic going up against his age-old nemesis, Doctor Eggman once again. Pursuing him to a planet known as the Lost Hex, Eggman harnesses the power of a group of beings known as the Deadly six, with intentions to use them. However, the Deadly Six rebel, forcing Eggman and Sonic to work together to save the universe.

Always delivering high-speed gameplay, Sonic Lost World will also feature a bevy of new features; the player will transition from 3D to 2D stages seamlessly, with the ability to control Sonic's speed to adapt and overcome the various obstacles.

Also returning are the Wisps from Sonic Colours, which are said to function in new ways unique to Sonic Lost World, such as taking advantage of the touch screen features.

What's more both versions will be individually crafted to fit their respective platforms, providing a different experience for gamers. Both versions will also feature local and online multiplayer modes, as well as interconnectivity!

Set for a release this 13th October, Sonic Lost World looks set to give Sonic fans an all-new kind of adrenaline rush!!

Information & screenshots provided by SEGA

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