STGCC 2013: Incoming Excitement!

When it comes to an event that encompasses everything we love about pop-culture; that is, both Western AND Japanese games, artists and personalities; there's only one event that answers this call - the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention!

That's right, STGCC is revving up for another great year this 31st August - 1st September 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands!

It's still early, but there's no better time than now to start predicting what'll be in-store for us at STGCC 2013.

What comic greats will grace our shores? Will we see previous guests return? Maybe some new Japanese cosplayer stars! Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, check out our previous STGCC coverage to whet your appetite:

STGCC Event Highlights - What folks were treated to last year!

Western Artist interviews: Mark Nagata and Mark Torres! - We spoke to 2 incredibly talented artists!

COSMODE Supervisor 'Jacky' Dosai - 1-on-1 with the passionate supervisor of Cosplay magazine, COSMODE!

Japanese Artist interview: Noizi Itou - The lady behind manga classics like Shakugan no Shana and Suzumiya Haruhi!

Guest Cosplayer interviews: Touya Hibiki & Kousaka Yun - the adorable pair of cosplayers from Japan share their thoughts on the hobby!

Stay tuned for more information on STGCC 2013 as it comes - it'll all be right here on anibee!

- Q

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