Time to rock! Amaya reviews: LUNA SEA COMPLETE BEST

Back in 2000, many J-Pop fans were devastated when the legendary LUNA SEA disbanded. However, in 2010, LUNA SEA announced their reunion, as well as their first concert tour in ten years!

From left to right: Inoran, Shinya, Ryuichi, J & Sugizo.

Founded by bassist J and rhythm guitarist Inoran back in 1986 (originally called Lunacy), they would be joined later by lead guitarist Sugizo, drummer Shinya and vocalist Ryuichi. This lineup has remained the same since 1989.

Though I have not listened to their music prior to this review, I have been reading coverage of their 2012 Asia tour, especially their one stop in Singapore! The excitement and anticipation that buzzed around during that period made me look forward to hearing their music (:


Complete Best -Asia Limited Edition-

Released back in March 2008, this compilation album features their favourite hits over the years, all in one album! Below are some of my favourites:

This song was on my mind for days! I can't explain why I was particularly attracted to this tune though >.> Perhaps it was because I especially liked the drummer line in this song.

In Silence
Though a large number of their songs in this album are about love, Luna Sea does not forget to feature some songs that touch on bigger topics than that. I really like the arrangement and harmonics in this one!

I always find the first song the most important song because it can help set the mood for listening to the entire CD. Originally composed by Sugizo, it was released as the first song from the 1994 album, Mother. The tune is catchy, and the lyrics are pretty sad as it transits from loving verses to loveless lovemaking.

Jesus, Providence, Breathe
You have to listen to these 3 songs together in this order, period. Song line-ups are usually not arbitrary; a lot of thought was put into this album's song order to make it a good listen! I feel that these 3 songs mesh very well together, how they flow into each other musically and lyrically.

Promotional Image for their 2012/13 Tour.
IMAGE SOURCE: BlackBalloon.

The End of the Dream/Rouge

First performed during their 2012 Live Tour, these songs have since been released as a double A-side single in December 2012. (^_^)! Effectively making use of improved technologies, the songs bring a different side of Luna Sea to fans. To be honest, this single is very much different from their complete best album in terms of their music style. I find their older music much more exciting, but it might be because of the larger variety of songs available in the complete best album that gives a more un-biased picture.

Rocking it on stage!
IMAGE SOURCE: Shiro Ang Photography.

LUNA SEA has come a long way from their debut. After listening to these two albums, I'm definitely more partial to J-rock tunes, and look forward to their new studio album to be released in 2013! Whether you are an avid J-rock fan, or a (mostly) mainstream music listener, their music has something to appeal to everyone (:

Find out more about LUNA SEA!

- Amaya

Special Thanks to HMV for the album!

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