Serene Reviews: SCANDAL's 'Encore Show' Album

Hello everyone! -waves-


Did any of you attend SCANDAL's concert in Singapore just last weekend? I heard that it was a blast! Pity I couldn't attend - I was recuperating from my wisdom teeth operation.

:( Just my luck because my friend was giving away free concert tickets! D:

Un-fortunately for me, I have pictures online to look at to fuel my jealousy at not being present. ;____;

Saturday's concert

More here

I hope everyone who went to check out their concert had a great time! I know many of my friends did; they came back exhausted after the weekend. XD SCANDAL must have been awesome live! o

Well, at least I have this album on loan from HMV to keep me happy for a while. :3

Yup, it's SCANDAL's latest compilation album "Encore Show"! :D

This album features 15 coupling tracks from their singles released thus far. Some of the songs include "KOSHI-TANTAN", which was the theme song for the animated film "Loups=Garous"; "CUTE!", which was the collaboration song for Sanrio's "Cinnamoroll", and "Satisfaction", which was the TV Commercial song for Microsoft's new Windows 8.

This album also contains a new song called "PLAY BOY". It's a song which SCANDAL has been performing ever since their debut, but this is its first physical release! :3

Here's the tracklist:

01. S.L. Magic
03. Natsu Neiro
06. Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni
08. Midnight Television
09. Shining Sun
10. CUTE!
11. Emotion
12. Satisfaction
13. Want you
14. Kimi ni Shitto Chuu
15. Hikare

Guess what? There's DISC 2! (as this is the limited edition version >D)

1. PLAYBOY Music Video
2. Satisfaction Music Video
3. Live Concert Footage From Shiroten Osaka

This whole compilation album allows listeners (be it fans or not) to hear a brand new sound that one will never expect from this talented girl band - an all-new light-hearted and fun one! :> It's a brand new image that SCANDAL is sending out to all their listeners - showing everyone just how versatile they can be!

Compared to SCANDAL Show and their previous studio albums, ENCORE SHOW definitely is a refreshing album to listen to. XD Their previous albums all had a slight of a darker and more powerful feel to it. This album brings out the youthful feel of SCANDAL which I'm happy to hear and see, instead of always playing on the mature themes.

Of course, their songs are as groovy as ever. :3

All the songs are upbeat and they give off a very "light" feeling. Hard for me to describe the album properly, but in one word, it'll be "Colourful" - just like the album design! :D Yup, this album is full of bright and preppy songs, just like the chosen colours for the album design.

*nods in approval*

My favourite track is "Satisfaction"! :D I absolutely love the chorus melody. It's sooooo catchy and upbeat - my type of melody. XD I first heard this song on TV for Windows 8's commercial and the song stuck on immediately. Did I mention I realised it was SCANDAL's song immediately because of Haruna's vocals? :D Her voice has this unique tinge!

Now, let me enjoy the videos and stare at my Rina. SHE'S SO ADORABLE WHEN SHE PLAYS DRUMS WITH THAT SMILE OF HERS.

On a final note, do support SCANDAL and get ENCORE SHOW! This is an album that's worth every bit of your cash :>! Even your wallets won't protest. Probably.

- Serene

Special thanks to HMV for the album!

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