World-Vibe: Hatsune Miku Eyeglasses reduce eyestrain from staring at screens

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Staring at screens for long hours is very common in the 21st century, be it from working adults to little kids playing hand held games. Before we even realise it, several hours pass in a flash and we have eye strains as a result. In the long run if our eyes are not properly taken care of, it will result in myopia.

As such, people who fall into this category may consider getting themselves glasses which will reduce strain from staring at screen for long hours. In this case, eyewear store Washin has developed Hatsune Miku Project Diva model glasses for gamers.

This is definitely great news for Hatsune Miku fans as it can add on to their collection as well as help to reduce eye strains while playing games for long hours.

The glasses is set to be in stores at 13,900 yen (approx US$150) or 14,595 yen (US$157) with tax.

So, will you be getting it if it hits Singapore's optical stores?


- Sheng

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