World Vibe: Debut of Oscar Promotion's new girls' unit X21

News source: Tokyo Hive

Oscar Promotions held a press conference on 28th January for the debut of their all-new girls' unit, X21. Together with the girls’ unit were actresses Takei Emi and Kutsuna Shiori who were present to show their support for their juniors.

Led by Yoshimoto Miyu, who is also the winner of the "13th Japan Bishoujo Contest" in 2012, the group comprises of up to 21 members with an average age of 14 years. Ozawa Nanaka who won the contest as well is also part of the group. Several other participants of the Bishoujo Contest were also selected to be part of the group.

Takei Emi congratulated the group on their debut and expressed interest in working together with the group in the future.

"It's still new for me to have something like juniors. I'm looking forward to the day when we will be able to work together. Leader Yoshimoto Miyu, please do your best to lead the group."

Kutsuna Shiori was also reportedly impressed by the girls' enthusiasm.

"I was amazed how they all behaved so well. Even now I am still clumsy, so maybe I should follow their example from now on. Just stay as honest and level-headed as you are right now and you will definitely achieve something", she commented.


It seems like many have high expectations of the girls' group and believe they have potential to achieve great success. Let's look forward to the girls' unit future performance and wishing them the best in their careers!

- Sheng

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