World-Vibe: Shoko Nakagawa & Kaori Matsumoto to Guest-star in Dragon Ball movie!

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Fans of Dragon Ball Z who are looking forward to the long-running series' upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, have an extra bit of 'star power' to look forward to. Recently revealed to be lending their voices to the movie are Judo Olympic Medalist Kaori Matsumoto and fan-favourite singer & seiyuu, Shoko Nakagawa!

A big fan of the series, Matsumoto spoke of the experience recording her role for the movie as Â"… something I will treasure for the rest of my life. It was truly unforgettable!", despite initially having some concerns.

"[Voice acting] is something I had never done before, so I was really worried if I could do it properly. But I'm really glad I did, as I got to be just that little bit closer to Son Goku - I'm still wondering if it was all really a dream!"

Nakagawa, also known by her fans as 'Shokotan', is a self-proclaimed 'Dragon Ball Otaku', enthusiastically added "I literally jumped for joy when I heard about Dragon Ball having a new movie, and then jumped even higher when I was offered a guest part in it! It was the ultimate miracle for me!"

Known for her numerous contributions in voice acting and singing for various shows like Gurren Lagann, Shokotan is no stranger to the anime industry.

"Dragon Ball is just the kind of thing that really sends shivers of excitement through your whole body every time you see it! To be able to finally 'meet' Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and the rest of the gang like this… really makes me glad to be alive!"

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods opens in Japanese cinemas 30th March 2013.

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