World-Vibe: Sengoku Basara Museum Exhibit to open!


History buffs and fans of Capcom's "Stylish Heroic Action" media franchise, Sengoku Basara, will now have a new common stomping ground to share their "feudal love"!

In collaboration with Ibaraki Prefecture's Tsuchiura City Museum, an all-new exhibit will be opened at the museum.

The exhibit, dubbed "The Arms of The Warlords who Ran Through the Sengoku", will feature a variety of authentic weapons, armour and other ornaments wielded by various prominent individuals from Japan's Sengoku (or the Warring States) era, such as Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune.


If that wasn't enough, the exhibit will also feature dozens of artworks from the various media, such as the video games and the anime, a demo booth where fans can preview Sengoku Basara 3 Utage and Sengoku Basara HD Collection, the latest 2 games in the series for the Playstation 3. Attendees will also receive a free special guide book!

The exhibit will be running from the 16th March - 6th May 2013, so make a trip down to Ibaraki Prefecture today!

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