World Vibe: Monster Hunter 4 gets delayed to Summer 2013

News source: Yahoo Japan


Fans of Capcom's massively popular hunting-simulation action game looking forward to their newest fix of their favourite game franchise will now have to wait a little longer, as Monster Hunter 4 has been pushed back into the later half of 2013.

Originally announced for a March 2013 release, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo's 3DS portable console, has been delayed to Summer 2013 for "... the sake of improving the game's quality…".


The franchise, which originally debuted on Sony's Playstation 2 with "Monster Hunter" in 2004, has players hunting massive monsters, whether by killing or capturing them, and carving their various body parts to build better equipment to take on even larger foes. The series saw its huge break through with the release of Monster Hunter Portable on the Playstation Portable in 2005.


After a total of 4 PSP releases, the series saw itself making a move to the Nintendo 3DS with Monster Hunter 3 (tri) G. With subsequent titles on systems like the Nintendo Wii and the PC, Monster Hunter has enjoyed total sales of over 21 million units sold.

Monster Hunter 4 was last announced in 2011 at the Nintendo 3DS Conference. The 4th official installment of the series sees brand new weapons being introduced, as well as jumping to grab onto monsters, a first in the franchise. Monster Hunter 4 will also feature online wifi multiplayer via Nintendo's infrastructure network, allowing players from around the globe to hunt together.

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