Studying and surviving overseas as an Anime Fan!

Are you thinking about studying university overseas? How would you start off on the right foot? How would you keep up with the anime fandom? Here's how:


1. Live on campus

Living in the dorms will probably be the highlight of your first year. You'll get to try out all new experience and traditions. Get randomly assigned roommates and the cheapest housing available, because this will be the most social. You'll get to meet all kinds of people. Best of all, there is unlimited wifi in the dorms, so you get a free, fast, and secure connection to anibee or country-restricted websites like Hulu to watch more anime.


2. Hang out with non-Singaporeans

Want to experience anime from another point of view? Find the anime clubs on campus! They will probably meet up once a week to discuss and watch everything from rare anime to the latest hit. You can also go to anime conventions together, which is great when you don't have a car. It's easy to stay comfortable and only see your fellow Singaporeans, especially in countries where the Singaporean community is so big. But have an open mind and you'll have a lot of fun.


3. Hang out with Singaporeans

When everyone's in a different major and CCA, it's easy to "forget" to make time for each other. But they're going through the same changes as you are so they can be a great support system. Plus, if you're craving authentic Asian food like ramen because you keep seeing it in all the anime shows, Singaporeans love Japanese food so you can go together.


4. Find good professors

All your professors worked very hard to get where they are today. They're not only smart, but experts who make groundbreaking discoveries. But not all of them can teach. Find professors who care about their students, take their classes, and visit them during office hours. They will make learning fun and it won't seem like work, and you'd be surprised to see how open-minded they can be sometimes! Ask nicely and who knows, a professor might let you write a thesis paper on anime!


5. Save on textbooks

It's easy to drain hundreds of dollars on a single textbook instead of going to Disneyland or Comic Con. Check out Amazon to see if you can rent it, get it secondhand, or buy an earlier edition that your professor is OK with. Your school library might even have the book on loan. When you're done with your textbooks, sell them to other schoolmates through Facebook. Finally, some classes might not even need the "required" textbook. Wait for the first week of school before you head to the bookstore because your professor might prefer his own notes instead.


6. Get involved in clubs & activities

Other than anime appreciation clubs, there are also animation and film clubs where you can make your own anime or manga. Isn't that the ultimate fan fiction dream? University can also help you get a good job, so plan for that too. If you're interested in the entertainment industry, become a producer of a theatre play. If you want to do investment banking, join a business fraternity. These activities will mature your interests, and you'll also find friends who are interested in what you like.


7. Get a job

Unless you got a non-FMS scholarship, your college education probably isn't the cheapest thing ever. There are many ways to earn money: (1) get an on-campus job; (2) get a summer internship; (3) set up your own business. Some friends in Imperial University are selling bubble tea because they don't have it in the UK… maybe you could sell mocha ice cream.

- ajy

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