Serene Reports - SITEX 2012!

Just last Saturday (24th November 2012), I went down to help out at the anibee booth and also to check out the SITEX event held at Singapore Expo! :D Yes, anibee had a booth there if you didn't manage to see us!

We had other cosplayers helping us out at the booth as well!

And hardworking Chermont typing away on her laptop. ><

Basically we had to walk around the hall, and introduce ourselves as people from anibee! We gave people flyers with the cute Doraemon toy attached to it ~. We also informed them about signing up for a free membership and getting a goodie bag worth up to $30! (You can imagine how many people were enticed at the word "free" xD). It was a fun experience walking around with Elizabeth. Isn't she adorable?

Apparently if you take pictures with any of our representatives and you tag the picture of yourself once it's online, you get to win a special gift! Did any of you manage to take a picture with us? :>

Anyways, after helping out at the booth for awhile, I took a walk around the event area to check out how this year's SITEX is. I want to last year's SITEX as well, and it was waaaaaay more packed. I guess it's a good thing that they switched venues to Expo! (Is it just me, or are many events this year switching venues, hmm...)

There are many good deals as usual (which is why there are so many people!), and I loved looking out for the hourly deals. The emcees at various booths always made such good deals much more interesting. It's interesting to see how they would advertise their goods!

Of course other than the typical camera/ electronic/ audio/ computer / goods that we'll normally see, there would be some out-of-place goods that one would never expect at SITEX…

Yes, that was a weird item to see at SITEX. O_O Never thought I'd see it there.

That's besides the point. XD So while walking around SITEX, I made sure to keep a lookout for certain items that I wanted - mainly a mouse. But while walking along, I saw an item that I wanted, but didn't know that they would be selling at SITEX. Any guesses on what it would be...?

It's a laptop cooler!! :D The main reason why I bought it is because I always do my work on the bed, and it'll be better for me if I get to rest my back against the wall with an elevated laptop! That's so much better than bending my back to type at a lowered laptop. : ( It's really bad for your back, so try to avoid doing that too much. XD

I got it at $28. It's a little faulty just after a few days of usage, but I managed to fix most of the problems. :>

I also managed to find my mouse as well! I bought two at $13. Need just normal mouse for gaming. xD

After which, my friends and I went to Song Brothers (an audio-related booth) to look for some earpieces. My boyfriend wanted to get a decent earpiece there. I'm not sure which one he bought in the end (since he bought it only after I returned to the booth), but I know he's really happy with it now! :D

Overall, SITEX this year had a lot more space to move around as compared to it being held at Suntec last year. There were so many lovely things to check out (as usual) that I might have missed out some good deals! :( But it's still a lovely event for people who'd like to buy technology goods at a discounted price.

I'm guessing many of you actually went down to SITEX to check things out. Hope you all managed to find the items that you need (and at a decent price too)!

- Serene

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