Serene Reports - AFA 2012!!

AFA is finally over! I hope everyone's resting up well, because it really was a very hectic weekend. XD Even so, hectic as it was, I'm sure we all enjoyed ourselves to the extreeeemmmmmeeeee!

I cosplayed as Liz Thompson from Soul Eater on AFA Day 2 (Saturday), together with Yivon, and Danny Choo's Mirai Suenaga on AFA Day 3 (Sunday)! Did you guys manage to see me? ;)

For Saturday, because we were so busy with making our hats, we arrived at the event area at around close to 3pm. :( It wasn't that bad, I guess, since we could still walk around and had some photos taken by friends. :D I managed to catch up with some of my local and overseas friends, and even made some new ones! I love meeting new friends - and checking out their cosplays!!


It makes me feel good when I see costumes that are well made w0/. It tells me lots about the amount of effort put into making them. XD


So I suppose Saturday was more of a walk-around-outside-event-area day, as I didn't really go into the event area much. Expo's really really huge! Even though I spent like almost the whole day walking outside with my team, I still couldn't spot many of my friends whom I wanted to see. :( It's good that we have a huge space for AFA this year, but the larger the space, the harder it is to find people! ;A; *cries in a corner* So many good cosplays that I've missed!

Immediately after walking around non-stop for the event, it was time to get ready for the AFA concert- Jump Stage!


I enjoyed myself thoroughly for the Jump Stage Concert! First act was Babymetal, a sub-group under Sakura Gakuin. Three moe little girls singing and dancing to metal songs? That's a first for me! It's a rather interesting concept, I might say. Cute and totally hardcore. Metal fans might not really like them because some might say "they're not totally metal", but still, it's a pretty good idea.

Plus, they were really high on stage! It was amusing watching them sing and dance. I would say they're not my type of artistes I'd normally listen to, but if you hear their songs a few times, they're actually pretty catchy!

Next up was m.o.v.e., who took the stage with a storm! They're obviously very comfortable on stage and interacted a lot with the audience. I'm not exactly a listener of them, but I found myself enjoying their performance greatly! Yuri, the female vocalist, appeared and sounded a little more tired than usual (probably from the rehearsals they had since morning). Even so, they did really well on stage, with Motsu (the main rapper) and his antics that really hyped up the crowd too haha! Their last song, Pray For You, was really moving and emotional, showing their great range.

The third act on stage was fripSide!! It's their first time in AFA, and you can bet the crowd went crazy, as did I :P ! The sound creator/producer, Satoshi Yaginuma and Nanjo are a perfect combination on stage. Did I mention that Najo's incredibly adorable? Apparently she likes Chicken Rice a lot, and she found Night Safari really interesting! Haha!

I'm sorry about the lack of photos for the final two acts. That's due to the insane screaming and jumping around that I was doing!!! But you can't blame me for it! IT'S LiSA AND FLOW!! One does not simply sit down during a LiSA and FLOW concert here at the Anisong Stage!!!

I've always wanted to hear LiSA live. When she started singing her first song, I was actually already tearing up because I couldn't believe my ears! When she started on my favourite song, Ichiban No Takaramono, I was bawling my eyes out and sobbing. I couldn't help it. ;A;

FLOW was awesome on stage as usual, with a near-perfect performance I might add! It was pretty sad that some parts of the audience left immediately after LiSA's act ended. That's probably because of the time I guess. By the time FLOW appeared, it was already 12am! Really late. :(

I pity those who had to leave… because FLOW was beyond amazing on stage! They did their usual famous songs like GO and COLOURS. They even did a cover of Cruel Angel's Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion - and the crowd went wild! The crowd was totally hyped up by the end of their act. FLOW had to get us to stop singing their songs and leave for home. XD

The concert ended super-duper late, and we were all dead-tired. HOWEVER, it was still an awesome day for me!

For Sunday, I cosplayed as Mirai Suenaga with Yivon and Yuki, who did Haruka Suenaga and Kanata Hoshikawa respectively.

For the last day of AFA, we didn't really go pose for photos a lot. Instead we decided to wander around the event hall to check things out, since we missed out on many things during the previous day. :)

We caught up with more friends than usual and I even sang at the karaoke booth! If you missed it out, you can always check out the video here:

I had much more fun on Sunday since I could walk around more and visit more friends. :)

I managed to drop by the Moekana booth to get a team shot with the Mirai Itasha! :D



For that day, I had to dress down early due to my brown contacts irritating my eyes. :( Please be careful to not force yourself to continue on in the event that this situation happens to you as well! Health above cosplay!

After dressing down, I ran over to the stage area immediately to check out the Regional Cosplay Competition! I've always loved looking at competitions because I want to see skits that impress me. If I get goosebumps while watching a cosplay skit, it's because I'm actually really impressed!

There were 5 countries that competed on Sunday - Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

My personal favourite was the team from the Philippines. I loved their skit and their fighting antics on stage! I got a lot of goosebumps from watching them. It had humour here and there, which I really liked. :)

The Singapore team really impressed the crowd!! The audience went wild when the bike rolled in on stage haha! It was great watching my country's team on stage doing so well. XD


As for the results... SINGAPORE PLACED FIRST! :D Second came Indonesia, and third came Thailand. It was a really good fight in my opinion, and everyone did a great job. It's not easy to get a skit up like that, and I respect every team for entering the competition.

If you want to check out Singapore's team's entry for the competition, the link is here:

I apologise about the lack of photos in advance. This is because I happen to be jumping around a lot more for the last day's concert. xD

Minami Kuribayashi was a highly anticipated act, and all my friends around me went crazy cheering. I love her song Meiya Kadenrou from Katanagatai - it was her first song that I was exposed to. Her voice was awesome live, and she's still sexy for her age. ;)

I don't really follow Sphere's songs, but I was very pleased when they covered some classics like Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon and Happy Material from Negima!


Of course, the highlight of the evening was May'n!!! It's my second time hearing her live, and her lives never fail to impress me. She's really cool on stage when performing, and so adorable when interacting with the audience! Apparently she learnt how to make her own Chicken Rice back in Japan because she loves it so much!! OAO She's planning to learn how to make Ba Ku Teh next. SO CUTE! ><

She sang most of her famous anime songs, but I wasn't expecting her to sing my personal favourite, Lion from Macross Frontier. But when she did, I dropped my phone and jumped out of my seat in tears (and half screaming too), looking absolutely crazed... according to my friend anyway! But hey, my favourite anime song, sung live! How can I NOT go crazy? XD

AFA was some of the most tiring days I've had all year - but it was totally worth it!

To all the cosplayers and photographers: I hope you all have rested well!! :D

- Serene

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